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Early Pregnancy Problems

There occur various sorts of complications during the different stages of pregnancy. Minor or major, these involve the following:

Nausea, Vomiting or Queasiness: During the initial stages of pregnancy, pregnant woman frequently experiences queasiness, vomiting or nausea usually called as morning sickness. This symptom may be observed as early as the initial missed out menstrual period and lasts till the end of the pregnancy. Morning sickness may take place throughout the day, and not only mornings!

The key reason for vomiting and nausea is the increasing level of specific hormones during pregnancy like beta HCG. About 3.5 months of pregnancy the signs and symptoms normally collapses and does not require medications. In order to get rid of nausea or queasiness consuming dry nuts and taking ginger tea would be of great help. There are certain natural remedies which can also help. In very few cases vomiting gets serious and due to dehydration hospitalization becomes compulsory.

Heartburn: Heartburn is commonly known as indigestion. It is a feeling of burn that initiates from below the breast bone and expand till the lower throat. It is a usual symptom during pregnancy period especially for those who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time. At the time of pregnancy, the hormones changes continuously that influences the tract muscles. A pregnancy hormone, particularly progesterone forms the lower esophageal sphincter to rest, that permits the stomach acid to percolate the esophagus forming acid reflux. The developing baby also throngs the abdomen, moving the acid forward. This makes the feeling of discomfort and is usually not dangerous. It takes place around the last days of pregnancy. To get rid of heartburn, one should consume several mini meals rather than one long meal during the day. Make a habit to eat steadily. Homeopathic and herbal medications might prove valuable to lessen this complication safely.

Frequent Urination: For the period of initial twelve weeks, a pregnant women is found to be urinating repeatedly, this is because of the hormonal changes and the extended uterus moving down to the bladders. There is also a danger of growing a urinary tract infection accompanied with symptoms of burning, bleeding, pain or pus in the urine. In order to get rid of the urinary infections, a pregnant woman should consume lot of water to clear the system of the body and detox. Biochemical tissue salts can also be used for the treatment of urinary tract infection during pregnancy.

Constipation: The uterus expands and at the same time one feels constipated. It is due to the reason that when a big quantity of progesterone is released in the body, the muscle of the intestine reduces its strength, slowing down the route of food via intestines. In order to get relief from constipation, consume foods that are enriched in fiber like vegetable, fresh fruits, bran and plenty of water.

Tenderness of breasts: During pregnancy, breast appears to be swollen and sensitive. The skin around the nipples also gets darkened during the initial months of pregnancy, which is an early symptom.

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