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Common Cold during Pregnancy

Getting affected due to cold or flu viruses during pregnancy is a common problem. A pregnant woman has a higher probability of catching a cold than a non-pregnant woman. This is basically due to the weaker immune system of the expectant mother. During pregnancy, the body restrains the defensive procedures, in order to make sure that baby is not rejected. Thus, a pregnant woman gets suspected to the cold more often and gets ill.

There are various measures that can be taken in order to make the pregnant woman comfortable if she is affected by the cold. Water is a must. One should try to increase the water levels in the body. Alongside water, various juices can be granted as it maintains the fluid content in the body and also provides nutritional values. Adequate rest must be provided to the pregnant woman and a well sleep is also required. Proper resting helps in the curing against the cold, at a faster rate. Try to use a steamer to stop the secretion. If there is no provision for a steamer, boil water in a pan, provide an enclosed surroundings and inhale steam through it. Try to go for vaporized steam as it is more effective.

Temperatures should be checked on daily basis. If the temperature levels are high enough then one must call up the professionals and share the problem with family members as well. If one faces the problems relating breathing, chest pain and severe sore throat then the doctor should be consulted. Routine checkup should be followed on time so that if there is any hazardous symptom, then it could be detected and cured well in time.

A balanced diet should be endured by the pregnant woman that helps in fighting against the cold in a better way. If a pregnant woman does not feel to eat, she should go for small meals, six times a day rather than the usual three time meal. If one is unable to get a proper sleep due to cold, try to incline the head position as this would help in proper breathing. In order to workout the sore throat related problems, gargling is an optimum process that can be followed. Add a teaspoon of salt in warm water and gargle it away.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol and other harmful drugs. Caffeine and cigarettes should also be avoided as they provide better environment for the cold viruses to multiply. One should go for paracetamol as it can provide a sense of relief from the cold and is completely safe. At the same time don't go for any medicine that are not prescribed by the doctor as they may further damage the immune system and thus provide an unpleasant environment for the child.

Thus by applying these steps, one can fight against the cold. It's up to the family members to take proper care of the pregnant woman and provide pleasant surroundings. If the pregnant lady still feels any discomfort, she should always consult a health practitioner or a doctor.

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