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What Causes Acne (Pimples)

Acne is a common skin infection, which develops pimple on your skin. It develops due to presence of excess oil, dead skin and bacteria. There are glands present in our skin, which produces oil and this production in excess amount results in pimples on your face. Acne (pimple) is common among young people and teenagers due to hormonal change.

Female are more conscious about pimples, blackheads, pustules and nodules. Many people think that why me? Why pimple occurs? How to treat pimples? Answer of these questions can only be helpful once you know about causes of pimples.

Acne is of many types' ranges from small blackheads to large pustules and nodules hence causes can be of various types. Most of common causes are -

Hormones like androgens begin to develop in teenage level. Androgens cause development of sebaceous gland to enlarge and produce oil in excess amount.

Sebaceous gland creates sebum or oil needed to lubricate skins. When sebaceous gland enlarges, it creates excess oil on the skin and in pore resulting into blockage of follicle. Follicle is group of bacteria; skin cell and pigment which get trapped when skin develop pimples.

Abnormal shedding of skin cells is another primary cause of pimples in your skin. Epidermis (outmost layer of skin) continuously shed dead skins cell. The process of shedding dead cells is known as desquamation. Dead cells get replaced by new cells produced. Acne effected skin produce new cells four-five times more than its normal pace.

Deficiency of Lamellar granules in skin is another reason for acne problem. Lamellar granule produce enzymes that is necessary in holding skin cells together. Acne infected skin don't contain Lamellar granules in sufficient amount, which cause production of more and more dead skin cells.

Dirt dust, oil and pollution also infect skin resulting into development of pimples. That is why washing skin and moisturizing is recommended for acne treatment. Pollution and dirty surrounding must be avoided for proper treatment.

Propioni bacterium acnes are another cause of acne. They are commonly known as p. acnes. This bacterium is part of skin's natural sebum (oil) maintenance. When follicle is blocked, the P.acnes cause chemical reaction and damages the skin by inflaming it.

Excess white blood cells are developed by body when bacteria develop in large amount. These white blood cells encounter un-wanted bacteria and act as a fire fighter. This complication turns the skin red, swollen and painful. Further the skin also gets swollen and develops acne.

Estrogens are female hormones which are effective against acne. But due to estrogens imbalanced, menstrual cycle occurs and that is why women get pimples and acne problem during their monthly cycle.

There are some other causes like stress, bad cosmetics and birth control pills. Stress causes your body to produce more oil. Bad cosmetics damages skin by producing bacteria and birth control pills have side effects which cause pimples to grow.

These above mentioned are common causes of pimples on skin of human body. The best way to tackle with acne is to rely on natural treatments and home remedies.

Research shows that main causes of acne involve some kind of hormonal, dietary or drug side effects. Home remedies and herbal solutions tend to have no side effects at all and that's why they are highly effective in treatment of complications like pimples.

Herbal Treatment for Acne

Acne Herbal Treatment

Read more about Acne Herbal Treatment

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