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How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast Naturally?

In Television commercials we often see products claiming complete removal of pimples from your face. Do you really know what actually a pimple is? What if they are fully ignored? And why pimples grow? Well TV commercial don't provide answers to your questions. But it is very crucial to actually know how pimples and proper treatments related to it.

A pimple (acne) is inflammation of skin like small swelling which is caused by blockage of skin pore. It usually formed after blackheads and whiteheads get infected. That is why later stage of pimples lead toward acne.

Many people hate to see acne on their face especially females; who get irritated by pimples on their faces. Many methods are opted in order to get rid of pimples. Some use medications and other use home based remedies in order to sort solutions for acne.

Since medications often turn out to be very expensive so there are many other natural ways which can be helpful in getting rid of acne. Herbal supplements like Golden Glow capsules are far cheaper and effective way to get rid of pimples than chemical based products.

Herbal Treatment for Pimples

Acne Herbal Treatment

Read more about Pimple Herbal Treatment

Some of the ways and remedies are listed below.

Avoid touching the acne as it will increase the risk of over infection and even delay healing it. Always wash your hands carefully with soap before touching your face. As hands contain dirt, dust and oil which will help pimples to grow further.

Don't try to pinch, squeeze or pick acne. Doing this will make skin red and inflamed even more. Squeezing unnecessarily may also results into scarring of skin.

To heal pimples quickly always use ice on infected area for 2-3 minutes. Cold temperature will reduce redness of skin and it will reduce swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

Use make-up occasionally and avoid over makeup. Over makeup facilitates blockage ending in slow healing of pimples.

Cleansing is very effective against acne growth. Cleansing should be done with mild soaps or natural soaps or herbal soaps. Avoid using soaps that contain chemicals such as lye, perfumes and artificial flavors as they tend to imitate pimples further.

Always remove makeup before you go to sleep. Remove makeup and cleanse it with acne-fighting medicines in order to get rid of dirt. Applying toothpaste on acne also helps in reducing its redness. Toothpaste can be applied before going to bed.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples

1. Honey is termed as effective measure against bacteria. Application of honey on your face is also followed for treating pimples.

2. Juice of raw papaya is considered as best home based remedy against pimples. The juice cleans your blood and diminishes acne growth.

3. Drinking water is great way to heal pimples. Always remain hydrated as it helps skin to breathe effectively and heal pimples.

4. Drink vegetables and fresh fruits juice. It also helps in reduction of acne.

5. Application of cucumber and tomato pulp on the affected area is also very effectual in treatment of pimples.

6. Zinc is considered effective against pimples. Daily dose of 50 milligram should be used to heal acne.

7. Orange peel is considered good home based remedy against acne. Pimples can be healed by applying orange peel on the affected area.

8. Always use soft towel while cleaning face as skin might get itchy and red if hard towel is used.

9. Daily intake of spoonful of honey and rose water helps reduction in pimples too.

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