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What Causes Obesity and Overweight

There are many reasons which can be attributed for causing obesity and overweight. From genetics to drugs and life style to environment, anything can cause obesity and overweight. This is a silent intruder and harmful too so constant vigil and keen efforts are the only weapons to combat this problem.

Sedentary life style plays a significant role in causing obesity. Use of technology that reduces physical labor at work places and home and more and more handy means of transportation have decreased the physical activity. Various syndromes caused due to genetic mutation like prader-willi syndrome, bardet-biedle syndrome, cohen syndrome and MOMO syndrome are few cause which strike at an early age, less than 10 years, and cause obesity.

Few drugs commonly used as a treatment for physical and mental illness also promote obesity. Drugs like insulin, anti-depressants, steroids, anticonvulsants and hormonal contraceptives produce chemicals which may promote obesity. Some disease like hyperthyroidism, cushing's syndrome and growth hormone deficiency also cause obesity and overweight.

Eating habits and diet contributes largely in most of the cases of overweight. Calories consumed and calories burned, whenever this balance is not maintained weight increases. Intake of diet high in fats and carbohydrates produce extra calories and if these not burned through physical labor or exercise get converted into harmful fat. Over eating, junk and fast food also increase fat and obesity apart from other problems for overall health. Lesser sleeping habit, less consumption of water and high intake of beverages also cause overweight problems.

Infectious agents which can affect the metabolism also causes obesity however direct link is yet to be identified but some studies have suggested that any infection affecting speed of metabolism promotes fat gain. Genetically acquired slow metabolism or due to ageing also causes overweight. Endocrine disruptors present in a polluted environment, air and water, also make metabolism slow in the people exposed to such an environment

Malnutrition at an early age induce fat accumulating tendency in the body which may give rise to obesity even if diet is not high on fats. Cultural traditions and family environment also contributes in causing overweight. Some societies having traditions of eating high fat food in general and families having undisciplined diet and exercise regime promote obesity amongst its members.

Gender can also play an important role in causing obesity and overweight as females carry more fat than male, are more prone to become obese. Pregnancy at a later age promotes obesity in mother as well as in the baby. Consumption of rich diet and reduced physical activity during or after pregnancy also promote fat accumulating tendency of the body. Sometimes drugs given during the pregnancy for any ailment or immunity can also cause obesity.

Socio economic factors also play an important role in increasing obesity. Busy daily routine without proper diet timing and routine can cause obesity and overweight. Any serious injury or illness which has restricted the movement also reduces the amount of calorie burn in a day.
People who have quit bad habits like drinking too much alcohol or smoking also become prone to gain some fat. These habits suppress hunger, and if they have not caused any damage to the digestive system, will promote more intense hunger after quitting.

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