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Menstrual Problems, Dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea, Menorrhagia

Both for parents and teens, the starting of the menstrual cycle is a difficult period. But for the teens starting of the period is the first physical milestone and it is also a sign that she is now becoming a woman. But if any one encounters some problem like irregular period or premenstrual syndrome then it is very scary and confusing condition.

Different girls undergo different types of pre menstrual syndromes. PMS starts just before 7 days of the menstrual cycle starts and disappears just after it starts. Some of the symptoms of PMS are -

Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty handling stress
Food cravings
Sore breasts

Some of the common types of menstrual problems are -

Amenorrhea - Amenorrhea is said to be the absence in the periods. Amenorrhea is mainly of two types, primary and secondary. When the periods of the girl have not started up to the age of 16, then it is said to be the primary Amenorrhea. It is usually caused by the imbalance of the hormone and problem in the development. When any one is having normal periods and her period stops for at least 3 months then it is said that it is the case of secondary Amenorrhea. It is caused due to thyroid, stress, anorexia, birth control pills, ovarian cysts, lots of strenuous exercises and low level of gonadotropin - a releasing hormone that controls ovulation and menstrual cycle.

Menorrhagia - When there is an extremely heavy and prolonged periods, the term which is used is the Menorrhagia. In this there is a heavy flow of blood for one or two days then it comes to normal. There is a heavy bleeding and period continues for 7 days long. When the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the body is imbalance then it causes endometrium which continues to build up. During the period when the body gets rid of endometrium then there is a heavy bleeding. It is very common in the girls to experience menorrhagia. It is also caused due to thyroid, blood diseases infection or inflammation in the vagina or cervix.

Dysmenorrhea - This is the term which is used for very painful periods. Dysmenorrhea is also of two types, primary and secondary. The painful periods which are not caused by any disease or other condition then it is said that this is primary dysmenorrhea. It is generally treated by anti-inflammatory medicines. Pain is also reduced by using hot water bottles. The painful periods which is caused due to some condition or by any disease it is said to be secondary dysmenorrhea. It is also caused by endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids or growth on the inner side wall of the uterus.

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