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Herbal Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Weak Erection

Conmax Men SerumStherb Conmax Men Serum

Stherb Conmax Men Serum is a natural and efficient way to enhance your manhood. This herbal serum helps to improve your lovemaking performance and gaining better health. It is the product of choice for men who want to treat erectile dysfunction and weak erection problem naturally. Conmax Men Serum is enriched with the goodness of the Butea Superba and tropical herbal extracts to uplift your lovemaking desire and passion.

Conmax Men Serum is ultra advanced, deep penetrating and powerful male enhancing serum that is specifically designed for nourishing penile tissues and recovering the skin to be strong, and moisturizes the skin. Using this serum you will achieve stronger and fuller erection making her crazy enough to scream.

This herbal male enhancement serum assists in boosting your lovemaking mood along with sensitization of reproductive organs. The active ingredients used in this formula improve blood circulation and stimulates the brain center that is greatly involved in making you aroused.

Conmax Men Serum is an ultimate herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction formulated using cutting edge technology to empower men with high level of stamina and energy to last longer in bed. It is a fabulous fusion of natural and science in form of the herbal extracts and transdermal nanotechnology. The transdermal property of this serum makes it highly penetrative and shows desired result in very short time.

Main Features of the Product

Eliminate weak erection problem
Increase semen volume and satisfy your partner's need
Make stronger and hard rock
Control climax and maximize lovemaking satisfaction
Provide strength to have multiple episodes in a single night
Never let you down even after lovemaking
Nourish and moisturize the specific male skin
Made of all natural herbal extracts

Why You Need Conmax Men Serum?

Sexual satisfaction plays a key role in making your relation happy and successful with your partner. If both of the partners are not satisfied in bed, it becomes hard to sustain a relation for long. The most hurting problem that many men face today is weak erection. In this humiliating problem, a man is unable to achieve or maintain a sufficient amount of to satisfy his own as well as his partner need.

All your worries end if you are powered with Conmax Men Serum, a complete natural male enhancement product that has blend of potent herbs that are known for their aphrodisiac properties since ages. This serum provides you great lovemaking stamina and makes you to ejaculate in greater volume ultimately taking you to the peak of satisfaction.


Butea Superba Extract, Ginseng Extract, Vitamin B3, and tropical herbal extracts.


Apply and rub smoothly on the specific skin by starting from the end to the tip until it is completely absorbed. Use this serum two times daily - morning and evening, to regain confidence.

Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $140 - 1
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $250 $30 2
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $360 $60 3
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $440 $120 4

Active Ingredients Present in Conmax Men Serum

Conmax Serum Conmax Serum, the herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction is powered with the features of latest technology i.e. nanotechnology and effectively possesses a mixture of powerful herbs that helps in enhancing male hormones and rejuvenating the male reproductive system and organs to perform best.

Butea Superba is one of the main ingredients of Conmax Serum and is consumed widely in Thailand. This herb is also known as Red Kwao Krua Dang and works as an efficient male aphrodisiac traditionally. Butea superb extract offers same benefits as male enhancement pills. Clinical studies confirmed that this herb has powerful anticholinesterase activity. This states that this herb can enhance the levels of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is known to be well involved with the erectile function and memory. That's the reason it is called the most rejuvenating herb.

Other ingredients present in Stherb Conmex Men Serum

Ginseng Extract
Centella asiatica Extract
Pine Bark Extract
Zinziber montanum Extract
Eurycoma longifolia Jack
Vitamin B 3

Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $140 - 1
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $250 $30 2
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $360 $60 3
Conmax Men Serum 80 ml. $440 $120 4

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