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Malaria Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Malaria is caused by parasitic protozoa of the genus plasmodium within the red blood cells. It is a chronic infectious disease and is characterized by fever, sweating and attacks of chills. It is mainly found in subtropical and tropical regions.

Malaria is caused, when female Anopheles mosquito ingest the parasites from an infected person and transmit this parasites to a healthy person by injecting them. There are four protozoan species of the genus Plasmodium and malaria is caused by any one of these.

Plasmodium vivax
Plasmodium falciparum
Plasmodium ovale
Plasmodium malaria

When infected mosquito bite a healthy person, the parasite is injected into the blood stream of that person and reaches to the liver where after growing it multiplies the malaria. A person doesn't feel sick or no symptoms are visible until the parasite is in the liver.

Some of the main symptoms of malaria are -

Muscle aches
Shaking chills

The symptoms and signs of malaria are different for different person. You must immediately contact to your doctor. When infected mosquito bit a healthy person then after 8-10 days the symptoms of malaria occur. If there is a fever in the first week then it may or may not be malaria. Ill travelers must take an immediate medical check up and get it clear, whether it is malaria or some other fever. Plasmodium falciparum is the most common type of malaria infection.

Malarial fever is of three types. They are -

Quartan Fever
Malignant Fever
Tertian Fever

Some of the natural treatments for malaria are as under -

Yoga is one of the remedy to cure malaria. If any person lie on the floor and pushes his legs up and straight into the air then this yoga will revitalize the area of the liver. But it is recommended that you must perform this yoga under the supervision of the yoga instructor.

For healing of the liver you must avoid the food which causes acidity when digested like spicy food, food stuff or ingestible liquids. You must follow the strict diet such as boiled or raw vegetables and fruits which contributes to the cleaning of the liver.

Neem is a revitalizing produce and it is full of natural goodness. A paste is made by mixing its natural oil with different herbs and spices and used by the sufferer for warm bath.

Some of the natural treatment for malaria is -

Garlic-thyme - It is a natural and powerful antibiotic

Bee propolis - It helps to strengthen the immune system and to fight against the infection.

Beta-carotene with vitamin E - Body tissues are repaired by its use. It is very powerful antioxidant which helps to resist the infection.

Aloe vera gel or juice - It is pain inhibitor, cell generator, and anti-inflammatory

If these remedies are even taken in large dose they are not harmful. If the temperature crosses over 104 degree F, then rub your body with alcohol and water.

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