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Hydrocele Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Hydrocele is also referred as Hydrocelectomy in medical science. This is primarily related to the birth defects between the scrotum and abdomen of human body. In order to fix this problem there is surgical process which is followed to correct the defect. The open space between scrotum and abdomen causes the fluid deposits around the testicle area which is called a ‘hydrocele'.

Hydrocele which is responsible for swollen testicles mostly appears in newborns. However this has also been seen at the elderly stage though there is no particular age for hydrocele to develop in men. In state of Hydrocele, fluid gets accumulated in the tunica virginals of human body. The main sex glands are these testicles in the male. There are coiled tubes in myriad form where sperm cell is found. In intercourse state, these cells release sperms to fertilize the ovum.

In case of hydrocele swelling, the person does not feel any pain however if testicles are constantly swollen, it requires medical support. First thing that a doctor emphasis on is to remove the excess of fluid rather opting for hydrocele surgery. This has been observed that people preferred surgery over needle intervention to withdraw fluid as this is quite painful.

Symptoms and Causes

This has been observed that hydrocele is mostly painless and there is stretchy enlargement of scrotum. Also, at times, this causes difficulty when the person is walking. This exerts high pressure on the testicles and the sperm generating vessels cause a damaging effect upon the generative system. The hydrocele is lucent. If we lighten up the surface, you can see the whole swelling clearly. If the swellings get some pain, it usually means that it has got infected.

Usually hydrocele happens when a person gets a knock or damage however the root cause of this is related to the toxicity of the system. This may also results due to incorrect dietary habits, living habits and oppressive treatment of any old diseases. Sometimes an infection of gonorrhoel or an obstruction with veins connecting to abdominal may be the main reasons of this condition.

Hydrocele might be genetic as if it shows up right from the birth. Infants show this when laid upright but disappears when lying straight with back. Normally infant's hydrocele fades away by itself.

Natural Treatment

Most common medical treatment used to cure hydrocele is 'Tapping Method'. This method helps in removing the fluid from testicles. This however is not the permanent solution as it helps only to reduce consequences of fluid in testicles. Therefore constitutional treatment is preferred over the 'Tapping Method'. This constitutional treatment is considered to kill the underlying toxicity of genetic system which lies in the root of the trouble.

The hydrocele patient is advised to begin with fruit oriented diet for few days. He should include fresh juicy fruits like grape, apple, pears, orange, peaches and pineapple or any other fruit juice but avoid solids like bananas or stewed or dried fruits.

The patient may follow the below diet regime:

Breakfast: Fresh fruits, carrot or other salad-stuff. If desired, he can have a cup of milk.

Lunch: Vegetables particularly steamed can be taken along with scrambled egg. Veg savory can be other options. Stewed fruit apple may be taken for dessert.

Dinner: Vegetables salad along with whole wheat bread is very good.

Fruits and salads must always be part of any future dietary program of hydrocele patient. Stuff like, alcohol, coffee or tea, oily pickles should always be avoided.

Water treatment is very helpful in curing hydrocele. One should prefer bathing with cold water twice daily in the morning and evening.

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