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Home Remedies for Skin Tags Removal

Skin tag is a type of skin outgrowth. It is benign and therefore, harmless. However, from beauty perspective, it looks really bad and that is the reason why most of the individuals prefer to get rid of skin tags.

Although, the exact cause of formation of skin tags is not known, it was observed that obese people usually have these problems. It was also found that middle age and old people have these problems, more in number than young people. They are also found in diabetic people and in pregnant women. Therefore, it was hypothesized that these skin tags might be related to hormonal or endocrinal system in our body.

Scientifically, these are also known as acrochordon, and are observed mostly in the folds of skin especially of armpits, groin and neck. A skin tag is nothing but excess tissue in simple language, which develops and hangs from the skin just like a little "tag". They are not dangerous or unhealthy. Majority of those tags are skin colored but sometimes one can come across dark colored tags also because of hyper-pigmentation that causes excessive melanin pigment formation at that particular portion. They get developed over a period of time and they differ in sizes and shape. It is always better to treat the larger ones first followed by smaller ones. There is no need of worry at all.

The surgical treatments that are employed for skin tag removal include cryosurgery, surgical excision and laser surgery, which are quite.

However, instead of going ahead with costly surgical and superficial cosmetic procedures that involves usage of highly expensive skin creams, one can easily treat these skin tags at home with home-made remedies. The ingredients that you can make use of are home-made or daily used such as apple cider vinegar, potato slice, aspirin tablet, baking soda and castor oil, tea tree oil. These homemade remedies have to be used as follows -

Apple Cider Vinegar - Clean the portion where the skin tag is present, thoroughly with lukewarm water, wipe it and then apply apple cider vinegar with the help of a cotton ball on the affected region and leave it for around fifteen minutes. Clean the affected region and repeat the same procedure until the skin tag falls of.

Potato Slice - Use a fresh piece of potato and bind it to the part with the help of a bandage. The affected area will turn black and fall off within a short period of time. This is an effective home remedy for skin tags.

Baking Soda and Castor Oil - Make a paste of baking soda and castor oil and apply it to the skin tag which will cure it completely.

Tea Tree Oil - This Antibacterial oil helps to treat them effectively. Apply it 2 to 3 times a day with a soft cotton plug and leave it. It is another useful home remedy for skin tags. It will certainly help in removing these tags.

Dental Floss - This is the easiest method for skin tag removal, wherein one has to use a dental floss for tying the skin tag at the base or stalk for a few days. This will cut off blood supply to the affected region and it will fall off within a few days.

Thus treat your skin tags effectively and maintain your beauty as is.

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