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Home Remedies for Skin Abscess

Very effective and trusted home remedies for skin abscess are there which can be used to cure most of the abscess occurring on skin. Skin Abscess is normally formed due to bacterial infection getting into a cut or puncture of the skin, blocking of sweat gland and also due to blocking of hair openings. It can be treated at home by simple methods unless they are causing high fevers and nausea.

The most popular and safe home remedy for skin abscess is heat application with hot soaks or packs. If the abscess is small about 1 cm or less than a half inch warm compresses shall be applied with sterile cloth or cotton for at least 30 min and four times a day. This will speed up the process of pus formation and will accumulate the pus at the centre of the affected area. Once the pus has accumulated, regular warm compressions will help the immunity system in developing its 'head' (a small pustule) and give the pus an escape route. Once the skin abscess has started flowing the surrounding part of the abscess can be compressed to help all the pus flow out.

Do not use any needle or try to cut open the abscess as it may cause further infection. The skin abscess, even if its not painful, shall not be pressed as it may harm or push the pus into any blood stream connected to the abscess below the skin. Once the abscess is completely free of pus good antiseptic cream can be applied on it and opening should be left uncovered to let the surrounding part dry out.

Another very old and commonly used home remedy for skin abscess is application of Magnesium sulphate paste. The application of this paste helps the body in drawing the pus to the affected area and helps in forming the opening for the pus to flow out. Once the abscess has started leaking the pus can be drained out by compressing it. The paste shall be applied in the night covered by a sterile pack, however the rupturing or draining of pus is not painful but the drawing may be uncomfortable.

Belladonna plasters available in the market are also a home remedy for skin abscess. Once the abscess is noticed, at an early stage, cover it with this plaster, it will help in increasing the flow of blood to the affected area and bringing antibodies and WBC to the affected area. This will help the body in fighting off the infection.

Herbal medicines are also helpful and are used as home remedies for skin abscess. Herbs like cat's claw, Echinacea with goldenseal and oregano have antibacterial properties to help in boosting up the immunity system to fight the bacterial infections. Grape seed and Pine bark extracts have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which are helpful in curing skin abscess. However the usage and dosage of these herbs differ from person to person so indiscriminate use of these herbs is not advisable and shall be taken under guidance of an expert or qualified person.

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