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Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Sinus headaches can cause pain in the head and face. It is similar to tension headaches or migraine and it can start anytime but it is found commonly in morning. Sudden temperature changes, noise and excess light can worsen the pain. Sometimes, people suffering from sinus headaches have fever and swollen nasal passages.

The main cause for sinus is congestion in the sinus cavities that are the bone cavities close to the nose and eyes. There are five cavities which can cause pain, frontal, nasal, maxillary, sphenoid and ethimoidal. The sinus cavities make the air close to your nose warm and bacteria are filtered by the nasal hairs and mucus. Nasal hair can swell due to allergies or cold climatic condition. Pressure is build inside the cavities containing stagnated mucus becomes the breeding ground for virus and bacteria. If the cavities are filled with mucus and it is not allowed to drain, it causes pain due to infection of bacteria or virus. It can get chronic in case the patient smokes or has an injury.

Certain health conditions or life styles such as allergies, asthma, blocking of nasal passage, swimming, flying or climbing or nasal polyps, can cause blockage of sinuses.

Natural Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Home remedies to enhance the immune system and to prevent cold that cause the inflammation are -

1. One should drink a lot of fluid in the form of water or fruit juice, to allow the body to be hydrated.

2. Apple cidar vinegar can be taken with a glass of water and it is effective against flu infection.

3. Steam inhalation can be taken to open the blockage of nose.

4. A few drops of lemon juice can be taken with lukewarm water to heal the pain. Do not take cold water or chilled food products.

5. Oregon grapefruit can be taken to cure sinus headache.

6. Peppermint leaves can be boiled with sodium bicarbonate and eucalyptus, and it can be inhaled to clear the cavities. It is a useful home remedy for sinus infection.

7. Mango helps in promoting the growth of epithelium that prevents infection.

8. Another effective home remedies for sinus infection are garlic and onion. Their pastes can be taken in diet to prevent the infection.

9. Citrus fruits and herbal teas can be taken.

10. Exercising helps in circulation of blood and it also clears the mucus present in the sinus cavities. One can do breathing exercises early in the morning.

11. If you are feeling nausea and headache, you can take cardamom to prevent it.

12. Taking regular meals is very important. One should not skip a meal or take very spicy meal. People who suffer from stomach disorder are at a high risk of having the pain.

13. Steam bath is helpful to relieve pain. It is used as a home remedy for sinus infection.

14. One should keep the nasal path clear and everyday flush out the dirt from the nasal passage to prevent accumulation of bacteria or virus. Keep the nasal path hydrated.

15. Horseradish and Cajun apice is good decongestants and it construes the blood vessels to allow in air.

16. Head massage and rubbing the part of the face and head with pain relieving ayurvedic oils, also helps.

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