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Natural Home Remedies for Shingles

Shingles is caused by the infection of herpes zoster virus, which causes chickenpox in the childhood and after many years in adulthood or by the age of 50, it can cause shingles. It mostly affects the half part of the body. One can see small blisters called vesicles forming on one side of the body and the outburst of vesicles can be seen on the face, legs, genital and eyes. It is mostly seen in people who are old or people who are ill and underwent a surgery that causes a weak immunity level. The blisters can be itching and red. The vesicles may last for a week or two, and may later develop into rashes. The pain of dried vesicles and rashes can be felt even after weeks.

Shingles is considered to be a late effect of chicken pox virus and it stays in the body for years. Since the virus affects the nerve fibre, the disease can cause damage to the eyes and one should immediately contact a medical practitioner, if the vesicles affect the face.

Natural Home Remedies for shingles

1. You should keep the blisters open and expose it to air. Do not scratch it and do not burst the blisters. If you find it difficult to sleep with the blisters, use elastic bandage on the blisters.

2. You can apply sponge to the sores with a cold compress using apple cider vinegar or baking soda. Ice cubes can be applied to reduce the pain. It is a good home remedy for shingles.

3. Before sleep you can soak the affected area in cornstarch or oatmeal.

4. When the blisters are visible for the first time, apply yoghurt mixed with zinc oxide to the blisters, and it reduces the blisters from spreading in day or two.

5. You can apply acetone based nail polish remover mixed with powdered aspirin to the lesions. Apply the solution with a cotton ball to the infection and do not apply it to parts of the body, where it may dry.

6. Calamine lotion can be applied to reduce pain. Calamine can be applied directly to the vesicles when it stops oozing or it can be mixed with alcohol and applied to reduce pain and infection.

7. Anti bacterial creams can be applied to the vesicles to prevent infection from spreading or to prevent the effected part from secondary infection. Amino acid lysine can be applied on the lesion and hydrogen peroxide also works as an antibacterial chemical.

8. To reduce pain you can apply Aloe Vera juice, honey and leek juice to the rashes.

9. Yoghurt can be applied to reduce the rashes when the blisters are drying.

10. Clay pack can be applied with a few drops of tree oil to reduce pain and to reduce the rash marks. It is an effective home remedy for shingles.

11. Vitamin E oil mixed to peppermint and apple cider vinegar can be applied to the rashes to reduce pain.

12. Shingles is caused due to low immunity and one can take food products to improve the immunity level. Eat a lot of papayas and pineapple. Take vitamin B complex to boast the immunity and to clean the bowel.

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