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Home Remedies for Rosacea (Rosacia)

Your best friend blushes every now and then? And her fair rosy cheeks are a talk of the town? Make it sure she is not at the verge of initiating Rosacea in her cheeks. Rosacea is a skin ailment which generally gets detected in a later stage and the symptoms are redness, prominent spider like blood vessels and often rashes on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. People who are very fair are more prone to Rosacea. Though it sometimes looks similar to acne, the causes and remedies are not same. If you are a fair skinned person or blush easily you have more chances to get rosacea. A woman within 30 to 50 gets rosacea easily although it has been noticed men has got the most severe types of rosacea in this world. If you have a genetic history of Rosacea, you are certainly more vulnerable to this disease.

The reason behind Rosacea: The blood vessels just beneath the skin of our cheeks, nose, chin or forehead, sometimes, get enlarged and become prominently visible from outside. They look like a spider or web like structure from outside. Sometimes it is inflammatory and irritating.

Rosacea can also be associated with some other skin diseases or eye diseases. Although, the exact cause behind why people get this skin ailment is till not determined, some scientists think it is an infection in the hair follicles while others believe it is more associated with the genes. It has also been observed people having rosacea have deficiency of some critical amino acids which is not there in the body of people without rosacea. So the reasons, may be whatever, remedies are obviously there to keep the disease under control or to prevent it. Before going for expensive creams let us try some easy home remedies.

Natural Home Remedies for Rosacea

1. Take a vitamin B complex capsule daily. Vitamin B2 is especially helpful for building healthy skin and nails.

2. Take foods rich in beta carotene as they will certainly strengthen your blood vessels.

3. Make a paste of sieved tomato juice, oatmeal and honey. Apply it your infected parts. It will be beneficial to cure rosacea.

4. Take 25 mg of zinc and 1 mg of copper 2 times a day as it will help in healing the skin.

5. Make a paste of grape seed and apply it on your cheeks. It has anti inflammatory qualities.

6. Prepare a masque with 2 spoons of fuller's earth, 1 beaten egg white and water. Make a thin paste and apply on your face. This is a good home remedy for rosacea.

7. Improve your diet and lead a calm stress free life.

8. Make a masque of yoghurt and oatmeal and add a fruit extract which suits your skin. Put it on your face and keep for some time. Rinse off. It will help fighting rosacea.

Rosacea is a very common disease and at least 5% of the population is suffering from rosacea. So don't lose your hurt. Get rid of this disease using the right treatment at the right time. Good Luck!

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