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Natural Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

A good night's sleep is the price that you are going to pay if you have restless leg syndrome. We are all sure about the importance of having one night's sound sleep. Those who are inflicted by restless leg syndrome will find it hard to sleep due to the various sensations in their leg, be it burning sensation, crawling sensation or tugging sensation. To top it, the symptoms are usually at its peak during the night, making it very difficult for them to sleep. There could be nothing as difficult as not able to sleep. So we understand how painful this could be for many.

At one point, restless leg syndrome was included in the neurological disorders. However, the recent studies proved it wrong. The latest studies point in the direction that restless leg syndrome has something to do with iron deficiency. So, the scientists have started researching on the effectiveness of iron supplements as well.

Another set of studies also believe that there are hereditary reasons too behind this. Extreme cold weather or stress, these two have an influence on restless leg syndrome, this is what the patients have to say. They all have agreed to the fact that when both of these factors were in control, the symptoms have reduced marginally.

As an after effect of restless leg syndrome, blood circulation to the legs would be restricted. The long drive in a car, sitting on a plane for hours etc can restrict the blood flow to the legs and hence the legs can cramp up. Natural remedies have been found effective for restoring the blood circulation to the legs. Some dietary control, herbal remedies and exercises have made many people get past the painful state of this disease.

The first thing we suggest during a restless leg syndrome attack is to move your legs a bit from that position. This method has been found very effective in restless leg syndrome. This is the simplest and most effective method for a quick relief. Weather you are lying, sitting or standing wouldn't matter, no matter what; you will be able to move your legs a bit. Right after that, an energetic and quick walk is advised, so that the symptoms won't reappear immediately.

You may use the heating pads on the legs at night for a good night's sleep. This is an effective home remedy for restless leg syndrome. This will reduces the chances of you getting up in order to move your legs. Take some cold water, and soak your legs in it just before you go to bed.

We also suggest some immediate lifestyle changes for a quick relief. Make exercise as a part of your daily routine. Also, reduce the use of caffeine as much as possible. Studies have revealed that caffeine tends to restrict the blood vessels, which can really aggravate the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. So, it's highly advised not to take caffeine. This can bring long term benefits, so many patients have vouched for this fact.

Last but not least, check the iron levels in your blood. If iron deficiency is the problem, then get some iron supplement pills and you will see the positive results in few weeks.

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