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Home Remedies for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate gland, a male reproductive gland through which the urinary tract runs, and home remedies for prostatitis works well to remove the infection. Once infected the prostate gland causes problems like pain during urination, urine retention and restricting the flow of urine.

Saw palmetto is widely used as a home remedy for prostatitis and other prostate gland related problems. It works well in improving the flow of urine and curing urine retention. It also brings down the inflammation of prostate gland by altering certain hormone levels. Goldenseal is another herb which is used as home remedy for prostatitis it brings down the inflammation and removes the infection causing swelling of prostate gland and urinary tract.

Another very effective home remedy for prostatitis is a decoction made by mixing equal quantities of gravel root, hydrangea root and sea holly with water. Consume 3-4 teaspoons of it everyday till the infection is removed. Pumpkin seeds also have rich diuretic properties and are effective in treating prostatitis. The best way to consume pumpkin seeds is by making its tea. Few pumpkin seeds crushed and mixed with a pint of boiling water and later strained and cooled shall be consumed in a day for alleviating the problem.

Tomatoes are very effective home remedy for prostatitis and are capable of preventing prostate cancer. Just two servings a week including cooked tomatoes can give enough quantity of lycopene which is an effective compound to fight cancer. Corn silk is also used as a home remedy for prostatitis. Take out silk from 6 pears of fresh corn, boil it with one quart of water, later cool and strain the mixture to drink 3 cups a week. Watermelon seeds are also effective for treating prostatitis, 1/8 cup of fresh watermelon seeds boiled in a pint of water consumed after cooling and straining the mixture can alleviate the problem. Extract of nettle leaves is also a popular home remedy for prostatitis but its correct dosage and treatment time shall be worked out in expert guidance.

Recently stress has been identified as the biggest cause of initiating prostate gland related problems as it can constrict the bladder neck which responds to adrenal hormone and triggers the release of adrenalin which makes urination difficult. Breathing exercises in 'Yoga' are excellent stress busters. These exercises improve blood circulation all over the body which gives relaxation and promote good sleep.

Drinking lot of water is very useful in helping the body to flush out the infection. If prostate swelling is mild and non cancerous than ejaculating frequently can also help in removing the infection. Emptying the bladder before going to bed is a very good practice and helps in relaxing the gland. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and spicy food at least during the course of treatment. Increased in take of fruits like banana and fishes those are rich in omega 3 oils like tuna, mackerel or salmon are helpful in curing the infection and swelling of prostate gland.

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