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Home Remedy for Hair Loss, Natural Treatment

Every day we lose a hundred hairs. But we do not become bald. This is because the hair is being replaced with new hair growth. However if that balance is disturbed, and the amount of hair that falls each day, is more than the replaced, you will find yourself losing hair. To overcome this we must use a home remedy.

Hair loss could be due to genetic reasons like male pattern baldness. The hormone estrogen is also responsible for hair growth. So when there is an imbalance in this hormone, women can go through hair loss. Many women face this problem soon after childbirth. Hair loss could be due to many reasons; such as some underlying disease condition like hypothyroidism; or it could be due to the lack of certain vitamins; or due to ringworm and other fungal infections; or due to excessive stress or due to taking certain types of drugs.

Vibrant healthy hair is dependant on our diet. Hair is continually growing, but nutrients reach it last as it's not a life threatening issue if hair falls. So our body sends a lot of nutrition, first, to the important organs such as the brain. So to have that luxuriant hair, you must take extra nutritious food.

The normal modern day American diet is fast food. The common fast food, such as burgers, fried chicken, chips and fizzy drinks contain substances that the body would like to throw out, like excessive fat, salt and sugar. So why take it in the first place.

Hair Loss Remedies

Hair Nourishing Food

Nourishment must reach the hair follicles from the inside, as you start using the home remedies. Eating food with lots of vitamins especially Vitamin B and minerals such as zinc and iron are important, and of course protein as keratin in hair is a protein. These can be obtained in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. Eat plenty of vegetables like leafy greens, spinach, mustard leaves; carrots; sprouts; whole grains such as brown rice; seeds such as sesame seeds; nuts and of course lots and lots of fruits especially bananas; which has Vitamin B. Drink lots of water too, at least eight glasses a day to move these nutrients easily to the hair follicles through the blood.

What to Avoid: Do not use commercial shampoos. You may use a mild baby shampoo. Better still, make your own shampoo like the one below, and use this home remedy for hair loss.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Use a homemade shampoo of amla (Indian gooseberry) and shikakai and lime juice. You may get amla and shikakai powder from your Indian grocery shop. Mix them with the juice of one lemon and use in place of the commercial shampoos that are so damaging.

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight or for a few hours in the day. Grind it into a paste and apply to hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour and wash off with the amla, shikakai and lemon shampoo every day until you are satisfied with the growth. This is a home remedy for hair loss that works for many people.

Rosemary and sage can be boiled and the solution used on the hair. This solution stimulates the follicles, cleans the pores and tones the scalp. If you cannot get amla and shikakai, use this as a shampoo. If you need foam badly then add a little bit of mild soap, like baby soap, into the boiling mixture and use the resulting solution as mild shampoo. This is another home remedy for hair loss that works for many.

To get your hair back to its normal healthy state, eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water, let go of eating junk food, and also check with your doctor to ensure you do not have any underlying disease. But one of the side effects of age is hair loss, as women after menopause have little estrogen production. Taking soya milk, can help as it contains plant estrogen.

The home remedies for hair loss do work. Only if you try it continuously for sometime, will you give it the opportunity to show you that it really works.

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