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Hair Lice Home Remedies, Head Lice Natural Treatment

Children tend to get infected with lice from their friends or from other children they play with. Lice are easily transmitted from one person to another, especially in crowded places. It can be frustrating for both the child and the mother, when they are trying all kinds of hair lice home remedies to get rid of the lice and nits. Once the child brings it home, many in the household will succumb to it. It's important to keep hair clean, so that you do not get infected easily.

The most important instrument that you must have for lice, is the lice and nit comb. This is a special comb that you can get from the pharmacy to remove any lice or nits in your child's hair. If you cannot get hold of one, you've to run through the hair, and manually pick out the lice or nits. The nits attach themselves to the hair tightly. So it's not easy to shake them out, and even after using one of the hair lice home remedies, you have to remove the nits with this comb.

Here are a few hair lice home remedies that you can try.

1. Mix henna in water to a suitably thick consistency. Putting henna is a real messy job. It'll stain your fingers, so wear gloves while putting henna. Make sure it penetrates the hair and scalp. Place a shower cap or plastic wrap around the hair. Henna seems to smother the lice to death, as they cannot breathe. Leave it for an hour or two, and wash off. Then when the hair is dry, comb with the nit comb to remove the nits.

2. Mayonnaise is one of the hair lice home remedies that has the consistency to smother the lice, as the creamy stuff prevents the lice from breathing. Apply the mayonnaise as the henna above, wear a shower cap or use a plastic wrap and leave it for an hour, before you wash it off with a mild soap. Use a nit comb to remove any nits and dead lice from the hair.

3. Grind Neem leaves with garlic into a paste, and apply to the hair. You can also use garlic and lemon. Most insects, like lice, cannot stand garlic. You can make it into a concoction that is suitably thick to smother the lice to death. Leave it on overnight and wrap the head with a plastic wrap or wear a shower cap. Wash out the following day with mild shampoo.

4. Pour hydrogen peroxide that you use for cuts and wounds, on the hair and wrap up with a plastic wrap or put on a shower cap. You will hear the hydrogen peroxide frothing. Leave it overnight. Use a towel to protect your linens as hydrogen peroxide is watery. The following morning, rinse of the hydrogen peroxide and comb with the nit comb. You may find it easy to comb the nits out.

5. White vinegar being a weak acid has the tendency to dissolve whatever makes the nits cling onto hair. So using white vinegar after using a treatment above will help you comb out the nits easily.

You must also do one of the hair lice remedies that you have chosen for the whole household as the lice may have been transmitted to the others without their knowledge. Make sure that all bed linens are washed because lice may have dropped from the hair, while sleeping.

Hair Lice Remedies

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