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Home Remedies for Gastritis, Natural Treatment

Most people have experienced gastritis in their everyday lives. Bacterial, viral, fungal, from anti- healing medication are the major causes, or even caused by smoking. Gastritis is a state when white blood cells move into the wall of stomach in a counter action to the damage caused due to stomach injury. Soft irritation, infectious stomach lining are also referred to gastritis.

Our body requires several vitamins for its functioning of which iron plays an important role, iron deficiency leads to chronic gastritis. Food and liquid intakes by us are collected and later break down into pieces for digestion in the stomach which is J-shaped, any disorder in the stomach wall or lining will interrupt the proper digestion of food resulting in a series of physical disorders. Ignorance may lead to the conversion of gastritis into ulcers. Sometimes there are no symptoms of gastritis at all. When symptoms are present, some of the most common symptoms are loss of appetite, repeated hiccups, vomiting blood or coffee-ground like material.

Causes of Gastritis

1. Bacterial infections.
2. Large intake of alcohol.
3. Diet with high spicy foods.

Gastritis is not a big problem or disease and can be handled if taken care within the right time. It is not always possible to see a specialist frequently or sometimes the pocket may not be too deep for the expenses, so it is always better to know some home remedies for easy recovery.

A teaspoon full of ajwain (Carmon seeds) with a pinch of salt is a very effective home remedy for gastritis.

Coconut water, good source of glucose is a natural remedy for gastritis by bringing stomach to normal state by reducing the acidic content.

A clean sponge bath is recommended in the everyday lifestyle.

Ginger is another good home remedy for gastritis problem. Chewing fresh ginger before taking meals also helps in the digestion process.

A combination of spinach juice mixed with carrot juice is highly beneficial way to stimulate digestion and improve stomach condition.

Application of heat through hot air blower or hot water bottle twice a day with empty stomach would do wonders.

Another natural remedy to gastritis is half cup of potato juice before meal is also highly beneficial.

Lemon a good source of vitamin C can be taken in the form of lemon juice which is very effective home remedy for gastritis problem.

A full cup of hot water with half teaspoon of licorice root tea left for ten minutes, remove the tea and drink. Take this three times a day daily. It's a very effective way to reduce the stomach strain.

High intake of water and juices is also recommended in gastritis.

Another useful home remedy for gastritis is fennel seeds. Chewing roasted seeds or fennel plant leaves also provides relief from gastritis.

High intake of wines, spicy food, meat and chilies, cold drinks, etc. should be minimized. These are not good for health.

Two pieces of garlic with grape in dry form, immediately provides relief.

These are some of the common day to day used methods to keep you prevented from gastritis and many other problems. But it is more important to keep a check on our lifestyle and what we eat backing up with regular exercise.

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