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Natural Home Remedies for Gallstones

To begin with, liver stores a digestive juice known as bile in gallbladder to help the digestion of fats. However, this bile can later become a hard object, usually in the form of pebbles in the gallbladder. This is known as gallstone.

There are many factors which affect the gallstone. The following things may cause gallstones: Family history, age, medications that you have taken, diet, over weight and excess estrogen. These things do not necessarily lead to gallstones; however, all these could lead to it.

One gets to know about gallstone presence only when the stones block one of the ducts that take bile from gallbladder to the liver. The extra amount of bile can then lead to the inflammation of gallbladder. At this point you may start displaying the normal symptoms of gallstone.

The symptoms include pain in the various parts of your body, including, the area below shoulder, between shoulder blades and in the upper right abdomen. The pain in the abdomen can be severe and can last for few hours.

At times you may experience severe symptoms such as fever or chills, pain that lasts for hours, eye or skin having yellow color and clay colored stools. Don't think twice before calling your doctor at such a condition. You need urgent medical attention during at this time.

You can have your gallbladder removed with the help of an operation. However, it is not much recommended since it could lead to certain kinds of cancer complications later on. So, the best advised method is to dissolve the gallstone on your own. For this, you can rely on some of the effective home remedies.

First and foremost, keep a tab on your diet. Make sure that you don't consume fat food excessively. In short, reduce the usage of meats which are rich in animal fat. Fat is difficult to digest. Instead, you try to include fiber rich food items in your daily diet. You can eat lots of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in fiber.

Vitamin C is also very effective to treat gallstone. It has got the ability to convert cholesterol into bile. This way vitamin C can effectively help dissolve the gallstone. Check with your dietician to find out the food items which have vitamin C or you could depend on a supplement. You could also use the natural remedy namely, lecithin, which is very effective for dissolving the gallstone. Take this on a daily basis and the positive results will be there for you to see.

You could also take the help of a gallbladder flush. This contains all the necessary herbals required to dissolve the gallstone. You could also consume green tea and fresh juice; both have antioxidants and are really helpful to deal with gallstone. If you are under medication to treat gallbladder, stop using fried food, and animal fat until you are fully cured. If you want, you can start eating your favorite foods after a while, but make sure that you don't go overboard with this. A proper diet would easily help you to deal with the gallbladder stones.

Herbal Treatment for Gallstones

Read more about Gallstones Herbal Treatment

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