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Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

As you get older, the tear glands will produce fewer tears and so you begin to get dry eyes. It could also result from air-conditioning or the heater, both of which can make the eyes dry. Some of the common symptoms for dry eyes are; eyes that feel itchy, burning or scratchy feeling as though there is sand in the eyes. The home remedies for dry eyes given later, look at methods on how you can avoid dry eyes rather than putting some substance into them.

Birth control pills, a lack of Vitamin A and deficiency in sex hormones like androgen or estrogen can also create dry eyes. Certain medications can cause dry eyes as a side effect. Some of these drugs are diabetic and hypertensive medicines as well as anti-depressants. Wearing contact lens for long periods of time will make the eyes dry. Another modern day factor is sitting in front of the computer and looking at the computer screen non-stop and without blinking.

Tears are constantly being produced, and they contain proteins in the form of mucus, oils, anti-bodies and water. This keeps the eyes well-lubricated and comfortable. Tears also keep the pH at the required level for healthy eyes; it also keeps micro-organisms in-check.

The home remedies for dry eyes are mostly about, not doing the things that gave you dry eyes in the first place. If you are a contact lens wearer who suffers from dry eyes, make it a point to remove the contact lens every day for some time. If you can go without it and wear glasses instead, it would be better. Switch of the air-conditioner or the heater in your home for a while. Look away from the computer screen and keep blinking for a minute. Or invest in a humidifier for the home. It'll benefit everyone in the house.

Other home remedies for dry eyes are to watch what you eat. Eating fruit and vegetables with a lot of Vitamin A will help to have healthy and moist eyes. Vitamin A is found in dried apricots, carrots and papaya. There are also a lot of fatty acids that are found in flaxseed oil.

You need to check with the doctor regarding dry eyes side effects, caused by certain medication. Get the doctor's approval to reduce the dose or to do without the drug if you can.
Give your eyes hot fomentation. Just dip a wash cloth in hot water. Wring it dry and place on the eye. Repeat if the wash cloth becomes cool. Do this for about 20 minutes. If the tear ducts are clogged it will unblock them and have the "machinery" running in no time.

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