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Guggul (Commiphora Mukul) Supplement and Benefits

Guggul or Indian Bedellium is one of the oldest and most famous medicinal herbs used in Ayurvedic practices. It is said be very beneficial for the heart and the immune system as it possesses a lot of purifying and rejuvenating properties. These aid in regulating the body's lipids and modulate the immune system.

There are two kinds of cholesterol present in the human body - good type and bad type. HDL is the good one and LDL is the bad one. It is important for us to maintain a ration between the two and if possible increase the HDL cholesterol because if the LDL increases it is bound to cause numerous cardiovascular problems. Guggul increases HDL levels in the body and lowers LDL and triglyceride levels as well. One major benefit of Guggul is that it is a muscle relaxes and relieves women of menstrual pain. This herb lowers the risk of heart attack because it removes plaques from the small arteries supplying blood to the heart, strengthening and making it stronger.

Traditionally, Guggul has been used primarily for treating obesity and lipid disorders in the body; however its uses have expanded due it its positive effects on people regarding the following issues:

Weight management
Lowering LDL cholesterol and improving HDL cholesterol
Improving circulation
Relief from Arthritis pain
Treating boils
Treating and relieving from eczema
Relieving menstrual pain
Treating skin rashes

In accordance with the tremendous benefits Guggul provides the body with, many people still question the actions this herb has on the body. In addition to the traditional uses of Guggul mentioned earlier, it has been proven useful in the treatment of arteriosclerosis due to its effects on the arteries. This herb increases body's metabolism rate, enhances thyroid function, improves body's fat burning activities and provides with higher heat production of thermo genesis, as it is formally known. In order to grasp a higher understanding and appreciation of Guggul's effects on reducing overall body cholesterol and triglycerides, following is small data sample that has been calculated by experts.

This herb has been known to reduce the total cholesterol up to a massive 30% in just 3 months! Its efficient cholesterol regulating properties have been shown to be exclusively vital in reducing the LDL cholesterol by a staggering 35% and simultaneously increasing the HDL cholesterol by almost 20% in just 12 weeks. As mentioned earlier, Guggul effectively reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes as well as provides lower platelet stickiness.

Commiphora Mukul

Guggul is now readily available in the form of supplements. A doctor, in case of some other external issues, can either prescribe the dosage for this, or personally you can simply consume one to two capsules two times a day after a meal. One bottle of Guggul supplements contains 60 tablets of 250 mg each at a relatively affordable price. Slight patience is required with these herbs; however the results are long lasting.

Benefits of Guggul or Guggulu

Lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Maintain or improve HDL to LDL ratio

Powerful analgesic agent i.e. is very helpful in relieving from pain

Act as blood detoxifier that breaks up stagnation in the body

Relax the muscles that helps relieve menstrual pain

Servings per container: 60

Each 250 mg capsule contains: Guggul Extract


Take 1-2 capsules of Guggul twice a day after meal or as directed by your health practitioner. Take consistently for 2-3 months for optimum benefits.

FAQs on Commiphora Mukul or Guggulu

Who can take Guggul?

Herbal medicines are relatively mild and gentle on the human body. Guggul can be taken by everyone, regardless of age and gender. It is an ideal herbal supplement for those who seek for weight management, lowering cholesterol, improving circulation, relieving arthritis pain, treating skin conditions such as dermatitis, boils, eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes, and relieving menstrual pain.

What are the benefits of taking Guggul?

Commiphora Mukul or Guggulu increases HDL cholesterol and lowers LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also relaxes the muscles which helps relieve arthritic and menstrual pain and acts as a blood detoxifier which breaks up stagnation in the body. It acts as a heart tonic and strengthens the heart and removes plaques from the tiny arteries supplying heart and hence, lowers the chances to get heart attacks.

How long do I need to take Guggul before I see result?

Herbal medicines offer progressive and long-term benefits. Guggul usually take 3-4 weeks before you can experience the full benefits of taking it. Individual results can vary, depending on the nature and seriousness of the condition for which Guggulu is being consumed.

Is Guggul addictive?

Guggul does not contain any addictive components. It can be safely used for long periods without any fear of addiction. It is natural product and manufactured with utmost care and additives are strictly avoided to get maximum benefits. It works as natural enhancer and unlike steroids, it cannot produce any kind of craving.

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