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Fat Smash Diet Plans and How the Diet Works

Dr. Ian K. Smith is the father of 'Fat smash diet'. The basic need for such an attempt was to help Hollywood celebrities to lose weight and enjoy stardom. Later, it was available for the public also.

Fat smash diet for you

A plan for 90 days was constructed. The procedure completes in four phases. Smith said to change the dieter's relationship with food but also said that counting calories is not necessary. According to his book a person should have four meals per day with lots of water. No skipping of meal is allowed and he also mentioned that dieting "should not be painful, complicated or unrealistic".

Step 1

Phase 1 is for only nine days and is named the Detox phase. This phase prepares you for other upcoming operations. You are allowed to have raw, steamed and grilled diet, with only three tablespoons of fat per day. You are free to have unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables and brown rice, low-fat, egg white, yogurt and oatmeal.

Step 2

Next phase for you is "Foundation phase". You need to spend three weeks in this phase. All the instructions are same for you. During foundation phase your menu can be expanded up to limited amounts of lean meats, whole egg, seafood and cheese. Diet soda can be an enjoyable drink for. Above all coffee is also allowed.

Step 3

The third phase of this diet plan is known as the Construction phase. Here is the decision point where you will implement more food, around which your lifelong dietary routine will be built. It's a four week phase. Here you are allowed to have breads and pasta, which you were not supposed to have prior to it. You can also enjoy a light desert per day.

Step 4

The final phase is the "Temple phase" and is expected to run over lifetime. It is the perfect blend of above phases and permits the addition of potatoes to your diet. A limited amount of alcohol (if you drink) is advisable. This stage also restricts you to eat four meals a day and drink plenty of water.

Let us take a look on how effective fat smash diet is - it is easy to attempt with no investment requirements or purchasing of any product. This diet can help you lose weight without losing your body potential. As per the rule of nature it has negative points as well. You are supposed to make some workout along with proper diet. The simple and difficult answer to your dietary problem is the motivation towards fat smash diet. Also, it does not highlight the issues on consumption of supplements.

Those who regularly watch Celebrity Fit Club should surely go for this diet plan. This plan has helped many to lose 10 to 20 pounds. If you are opting to go for the Fat Smash Diet, you are recommended to add an additional weight loss supplement that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient and fat burner.

Books on Fat Smash Diet
The 4 Day Diet
The 4 Day Diet
Visit Official Site
Buy from Official Site
The diet given by Dr. Ian Smith really works. In The 4 Day Diet, he has developed a program that allows readers to avoid the normal pitfalls of dieting: boredom, no treats allowed, too much repetition, plateauing. This book gives a diet that you'll easily be able to stick to, have success on, and even enjoy!

Extreme Fat Smash Diet
Extreme Fat Smash Diet
Visit Official Site
Buy from Official Site
Dr. Ian Smith's Extreme Fat Smash Diet is a safe, fast and highly effective weight loss system. This diet delivers quick, permanent results. This book also provides fresh recipes for quick, tasty meals and a schedule that allows both meals and snacks.

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