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Eye Care, Diseases and Problems

Eye care is important to prevent blinding from treatable causes of eye blindness. There are more than hundred-and-forty million kids, who suffer from preventable trachoma and the main cause of eye disease is water and food contamination. Other causes of blindness are deficiency of vitamin A and use of harmful chemicals on eyes. There are many eye diseases, which can be cured if it is detected early. Diabetes is main cause of blindness in Western countries and it can be cured by taking the primary eye care and being aware of common eyes diseases.

Some of the Common Eye Diseases are

Conjunctivitis - It is caused mostly, in children and it causes itching, swelling and watering of eyes. It can be caused by allergic reactions or by infections from bacteria or virus. It may not be contagious unless it is caused by bacteria or virus. For immediate relief, the patient should use cool wet compress on eyelids and should not rub the eyes.

Eye allergies - Eyes can be irritated by fumes, cat dander or due to some plants, in certain seasons. There are other causes of irritation such as mites and dust. Stay away from allergic substances to prevent allergies. Mild itching can be controlled by eye drops, but sometimes, itching can be severe and it may need prescription eye drops. Inflammation and red eyes can also be caused by blepharitis.

Subconjunctival haemorrhages - It is caused by the breakage of tiny blood vessels found in the eye. There is no treatment for the problem and it is harmless, until it causes other health problems.

Detached retina - It is caused when the eye is hit by some external body, which damages it from inside and causes trauma. The problem should be treated by an eye specialist. The patient can apply ice packs on the injured eye and should not rub it.

Blur eye - It is a problem, where the patient goes dark for a moment and it can be caused by a stroke or other health problem. It can also be caused by dryness or tiredness.

Eye burning and puffing - It can be caused by allergies or traumas, and decongestants can be used to reduce the symptoms. Allergy, tiredness, dryness and vision stress can cause burning sensation and the eyes should be kept cool and moist to prevent eye from burning.

Eye pain - It can be intermittent or constant. In case of pain and redness, the patient should see an eye specialist. Some pains are caused certain health conditions such as fibromyalgia and sometimes, it is caused by dryness in eyes. Uveitis is the condition, where the inner eye is inflamed and it should be treated on time to prevent permanent damage to the eyes. Pain can also be caused by continuous strain in conditions, when you sit for long in front of TV or computer. Pain can also be caused by sinus or other conditions.

Floaters - The floaters break away from the retinas and float in eye fluid and it harmless, but if a floater is caused by vitreous detachment, it should be treated. The condition is called detached retinas.

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