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Warning Signs of Illness in Your Dog

The best Buddy that a human can have is dogs. Dogs are the intelligible creature that is rare in the world of animal. They are of different breeds and easily adjust with the human environment. We can play with them, love them and in return, they provide love and warmth, secures our life and completes our family. They are the best pal a man can desire for. So, as an owner, it's our responsibility to provide them with the required attention and love they want and keep a close look on their health.

There has to be some symptoms by which an owner can identify whether the dog is healthy or unhealthy and take the decision that either to call the Veterinarian or not. There can be some external factor which can lead to health problems in dogs. Pollution and climatic changes are few of them. There are various signs by which the illness in the dogs can be found out.

If the owner is providing with the good nutritious diet to his or her dog and still the dog is inactive, lethargic and lazy than there is some problem. The doctor should be consulted.

If the body temperature of the dogs varies from 101-102 Fahrenheit, it indicates some problem. He should be examined.

Eyes can indicate about the illness in the dog, if instead of bright and shiny eyes, there is a sign of annoyance and irritation and membrane in the eyes are deep red in color, then there is some trouble.

Skin can also revile about the unhealthiness in the dogs. If there is presence of red areas, growths and scales, the doctor should be consulted and required measures should be taken.

The dog's nose is generally wet, moist and cool in nature. But instead, if it is dry, it is due to dehydration. Proper consumption of water should be maintained.

Ears can also be a good indicator about the illness in the dogs. If there is a presence of swelling or discharge of bloody matters, health should be reviewed.

If the urine is not clear and yellow and instead it is dark in color, it could be the traces of blood. The non uniformity in the balance between water intake and urine outtake represents illness.

The weight can also be a good parameter to judge the illness in the dogs. If there is a show of bones and if the dog is underweight or overweight, doctor should be consulted. In addition to all these, a timely check up has to be provided with regular advisory from Veterinarian.

These are some of the signs by which an owner can judge the health of his or her dogs. It is said that an unhealthy dog will result in unsatisfied owner. To conclude, the dogs are a lovable creature and they only require love and affection and a bit of medical consultancy. So, owner has to be good, responsible and caring master.

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