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Vomiting in Dogs, Home Remedies, Treatment

After the experience, this can be said that only remedies do not work for the vomiting of the dogs. In some cases the help of medications are also required. Given below are some basic guidelines which are advisable.

1. If the dog is vomiting and the yellow thing comes out it means that the dog has empty stomach. Keeping fast is sometimes necessary to prevent the problem of vomiting. Most times for an adult dog, the time for keeping fast must not exceed 24 hours whereas for puppies the time should not be more than 12 hours.

2. It must be noted whether the dog is taking in the amount of water provided to him. This may also be the cause of dehydration, to check this, ice chips must be offered because this is a better option and can be tolerated better than water.

3. To check the hydration. The process is to lift the dog's shoulder blade or the back skin and if the skin comes back that means he is well hydrated, and if the skin comes back in few seconds or it remains lifted then the practitioner should be called up immediately.

4. If the gums of a dog appear to be pale, grayish, purple or whitish then they should be checked immediately. Normal gums are healthy and pink in appearance.

5. A practitioner must be called if the dog becomes lethargic, and the process of vomiting continues because of change in the diet.

6. Canine Parvovirus is a dead disease found in puppies. If the puppy has not been vaccinated against this disease or has not completed his vaccination routine, then there is a possibility of vomiting.

7. Due to upset of the tummy may be also a cause of vomiting. It might be due to a change of the diet; these cases usually are solved within 24 hours. However, if the condition is worsens then do not spend time on calling a vet on the spot. If not solved immediately it may turn to a huge serious problem and then recovery may become costly.

Treatment for Vomiting

1. Intake of maple syrup in regular intervals of 4-6 hours, the amount must be one large spoon. If the dog is not tending to take in the syrup then rub it into the gums of the dog.

2. Allow the dog's stomach at rest for at least 12-24 hours.

3. Add pedialyte (not flavored) to the water of the dog in fifty-fifty ratios to help against dehydration.

4. If the dog is not willing to take water then some soups can be offered like chicken soup or non-citrus juices, because these contain low sodium.

5. After the interval of 24 hours provide the dog with a home meal consisting of white rice with plain chicken with no skin or cottage cheese.

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