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Seizures in Dogs Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Seizure disorder is also referred to as Epilepsy. It is one of the most common problems in dog. There is an involuntary and a sudden change in the behavior, consciousness and sensation. When there is an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain then there is no doubt of seizures. There are two types of seizures. One is partial motor seizures and the other one is major motor seizures. These seizures include gross body movements and consciousness.

Causes of Seizures

Brain Tumors: Cancerous and non-cancerous brain tumor may lead to seizures.

Liver disease: This disease is a degenerative inflammatory in nature. This hardens and scars the cells of the liver. The liver is then unable to perform its functions in a proper way. The scars tissue is such a tissue which prevents the normal passage of blood through the liver.

Vaccination: Proteins and organisms are contained in vaccines so they may produce allergic effects and may cause inflammation which could lead to seizures.

Head Trauma: If a dog faces an accident or a hit is given on the head, then that may lead to life-long seizures.

Vitamin Deficiencies: Researches have been made for vitamins and mineral deficiencies, which is one of the main causes of epilepsy. The main nutrient that seems to be deficient in epilepsy is vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, zinc, taurine, magnesium and calcium.

Severe worm infestation: Toxins are released from parasites which has an opposite effect on the central nervous system.

Low Blood Sugar: Scientists have experienced and found that 50 to 90 percent of all dogs suffering from seizures have low blood sugar and 70 percent have abnormal glucose level.

Lead poisoning: Dogs that like to chew items like painted wood is one of the causes of seizures.

Symptoms of Seizure

After seizures the dog feels exhausted, confused and disoriented. It may last from one to five minutes. Below are the symptoms:

1. Loss of consciousness
2. Salivating
3. Stiffness
4. Urinating
5. Sudden and violent shaking.
6. Shaking of a limb
7. Staring
8. Weakness
9. Aggression
10. Moodiness

Treatment for Seizures

Traditional remedy is typically prescribed by the veterinarians for seizures disorders, such as Phenobarbital, primidone, diazepam and potassium bromide. Though the medications might be effective but it may also lead to side effects, which may again in turn result in other symptoms.

The pet owners are always eager to go for the natural remedy rather than medications. The level of nutrition must be enhanced. Using the treatment by Phenobarbital, the dogs will have to get their liver checked after the interval of few months to check for the possible damage.

Dogs taking potassium Bromide should take care of the salt levels are present in their diet every time their band of food is changed. There are also cases where medications do not affect the seizures but it may also worsen the present condition. Valium injections are given to stop the seizures once they occur.

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