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Rabies in Dogs Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Vaccination

The disease that makes the dog mad and sick is referred to as rabies or we can call it hydrophobia. At the same time all the dogs are vaccinated against this disease. But it can also affect anyone including humans, who are warm blooded. It is caused by the virus which harms the nervous system and later on it is secreted by the saliva. When the animals get fever or he is sick, he starts to bite. When a dog bites or a monkey bites, people are generally infected. It is a dangerous disease by which all the owners of the dog are feared. In this type of disease, before the symptoms appear the disease may not be cured and the dog may reach to his end of life. The precaution must be taken against the disease of rabies by giving a rabies vaccine, but if a person is bitten there is a lot of chance of being safe before the symptoms have been occurred.

Causes of Rabies

Lyssa virus is the virus which leads to rabies. This can cause illness in a human also. The rabies virus should be hidden from the immune system of the body. After a person is bitten, the virus that has been travelled from the pathways of the nerve into the central nervous system, it replicates soon and spreads into many parts of the brain. Many functions of the brain are damaged and become inflamed. The virus spreads through the central nervous system of the body including the cucious, the skin, membranes and the salivary glands.

Symptoms of Rabies

In spite of being bitten by any animal who is infected by rabies, it is not sure that the person is also infected by the same. Only two out of twelve people who have been bitten develops the symptoms. If a person is suffering from rabies and he/she is not treated on time then the disease may progress further. It may be then divided in two phases. One is prodomal phase and the other is neurological phase. It refers to a situation the patient may suffer from fever, tends to vomit and there is decrease in the appetite and a little pain at the side of the affected area. In the neurological phase paralysis may occur. It may create problem in swallowing eatables.

The person becomes anxious and hyperactive in this state. The mortality rate is becomes about 100%. Once the symptoms appear and have been progressed further. Rare people survive after suffering from the infection of rabies. If the correct treatment is not done on time the disease may worse the condition. Tetanus must be given adequately to be on the safer side. The vaccine for rabies is now much advanced and improved, because it is no longer a painful injection. If a person is infected by the rabies, three injections are required. The first one in the interval of one week and the last one should be given after three weeks. The vaccination can protect for three years. The vaccination is suggested for the people who reside in the area where rabies virus is spread.

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