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Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Dog Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

As the name suggests flea allergy is caused by the bite of flea bites. Flea allergy dermatitis is the very common allergy in dogs. It is a very itchy. Flea is blood sucking insects with a life of around six to twelve months. The life span also depends upon the environment they live in.


Flea is a disease that is generally seen in the age group of around three to four years. The bite of a single flea will have a minimum effect on the normal dog. When a dog scratches its hairs or skin it results in red and circular sores. This can only be avoided if we take care that dog is not bite by any flea. This is the most common skin disorder. Once the dog is bitten by the flea the reaction can be seen over the skin of the dog. The problem is very last longing and is not easy to cure. Once the itching is noted, dogs must be properly taken care off and regular medication is must at regular intervals.

There are two techniques that are generally used to detect flea allergy that is one by interadermal skin testing, in which different injections are injected by the doctors. The second technique involves taking a blood sample and then testing the same in the laboratory. When the flea sucks the blood from the dog it passes its saliva into the dogs skin, a single flea bite can cause this allergy.


Excessive itchiness
Broken hairs
Erosion of skin
Pimple like bumps


It is very important in order to prevent the dogs from the same the owner must try to remove the flea from the animals environment, this involves treating all the household animals from flea not only the one suffering from the disease. There are many products available commercially both indoor and outdoor. Not only the correct and timely medication helps but also the kind of food taken by the pet, the environment in which the dog lives should closely be reviewed from time to time so as to ensure pets safety. Once the allergy is detected or the symptoms of the disease are detected one must ensure proper care without any delays, for this one must clear the home from all fleas as soon as possible.

Oral antibiotics may be of some help at the time of emergency. Bathing and proper cleanliness must be ensured, sanitize your pets environment regularly. Flea lay there eggs everywhere at carpets, cracks etc. Destroy the eggs as soon as possible in order to protect the pets from any such disease. Remember friends if cleanliness is ensured a healthy environment are it created for pets. Electric traps are very effective for pets because they don't allow flea to survive. Before you use any method to control fleas just ensure that it is non toxic and flea resistant.

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