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Important Vaccinations for Dogs

Dogs are the one of the most lovable animal that is present around the human environment. Their ancestors are basically from the wolf families. They come in various breeds, shape and size and one can't stop oneself in falling in love with these creatures. They complete our life and basically fill the various aspects of our life. They care for us and will do anything for us. They are helpful and provide the most important security to us. Thus it's the duty of the owner to see whether the dogs are healthy enough or not or require some supervision.

Dogs require time to time check up as does the humans do. Veterinarian has to be consulted by the owner if there is any sign of displeasure found among the dog. They require proper medical attention and proper vaccinations.

As human has to vaccinate themselves to prevent them from various harmful diseases, dogs requires the same too. Infact dogs vaccination is more important as the disease can travel from dogs to humans. In those countries where routine rabies vaccination of dogs is practiced, rabies in humans has been reduced to a rare event.

There are in general, two types of vaccine provided for the dogs. One is core vaccines and another one is non-core vaccines. A series of recommendation from various protocols for new born dogs, require vaccine boost up at an early age of one. The number of vaccines thereby differs, on basis of the type of vaccine injected and the disease encountered in the dog.

Core vaccines are government driven and have to be enforced by each owner as it has been set as a law by the government. Non-core vaccines on other hand are not government driven and individuals may or may not vaccinate their dogs according to their requirement. This is basically not recommended.

Live virus vaccines are made in the labs to change the state of the disease causing virus to non disease state. The virus is live but is inefficient in causing any disease. Then there are killed vaccines, in which the viruses are killed and then injected into the dogs. They do not multiply in the body. Antibody production will be reduced during this vaccination. Then there are recombinant vaccines in which genes of the virus are broken into many pieces.

Vaccination should not be done at short intervals as it may cause an adverse reaction inside the body of the dogs. But allergic reactions in the dogs are sparse. Vaccines from same brand of manufacturer must be dodged. The owner must gauge the changes in his or her dogs and take the necessary decisions required to call the veterinarian or provide other medical facilities.

It's the utmost duty of the owner that they remain committed to their responsibilities towards their dogs. Dogs require time to time supervision and it's not a child play. The owner has to treat them as family members and try to provide best medical facility as they could.

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