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Dog Flatulence Remedies

Flatulency is a common digestion procedure, where the dog releases gas formed in the gastrointestinal tract but regular flatulence is very irritating for the dog owners. Fart or flatulence can be extremely embarrassing if you have your friends around. To prevent dog flatulence, you should first try to find out about the causes of the flatulence.

Reason for flatulence: If the food taken by the dogs is not digested properly, it can cause flatulence. It is not possible to get rid of flatulence completely but there are many recommendations, which can help you to prevent it.

1. First examine the diet of the dog. Diet containing lots of Lima soya bean can contribute to the formation of intestinal gases. Food poor in vitamins, minerals and fibres can cause gases. He should not be give leftovers and scraps.

2. Lots of brown rice, sprouted food, yoghurt and apples can be added to the diet of the dog to give him proper nutrition and to prevent flatulence.

3. Irregular changes in diet of the food can cause indigestion or diarrhoea. You can avoid giving diet containing cheese, milk, broccoli to the dog as these foods form a lot of gas. You can change the diet of the dog in different seasons and months of the year to find out the best food to suit the pet's body.

4. Generally, dogs when surrounded by people or in uncomfortable area eat very fast and fast eating can result in swallowing air.

5. Dogs should be given herbal diets containing cardamom and fennel, which reduces flatulence.

6. They should not lay down for long. Exercises and walking is needed to prevent generation of accumulation of gas.

7. Sometimes, flatulence can be caused due to some kind of chronic illness. The dog may be suffering from intestinal infection or stomach problem. If he suffers from vomiting or diarrhoea, a proper physical examination may be required, to find out about the exact health condition of the dog.


1. You can give metamusil to the dog to reduce flatulence. Metamusil has lots of fibres and he can be given four and half grams to nine grams with the meal.

2. Food made from pumpkin and green beans are good in fibres and it will help your dog to reduce gases.

3. If the dog has allergies with some kind of food products or milk products, you can remove it from the diet list. Some kind of proteins are difficult to digest and can cause flatulence.

4. They can be given charcoal tablets, which can prevent gas discharge but it should not be given in high quantity.

5. They should not be allowed to overeat as it may cause gas.

6. If there are many dogs in the house, each one should be given a separate eating space because the dogs tend to eat fast when there are many others of their species.

7. Low quality food should not be given to the dogs.

8. They should not be given food immediately after an exercise sessions.

9. They should be examined regularly for intestinal parasites and other intestinal infections.

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