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Dog Eczema Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Eczema is one of the most annoying diseases found in dogs. It's a general term, basically used for skin disorders that are encountered in dogs. Atopic dermatitis is being the most common form. Yeast infection is thriven in dogs that are suffering from the eczema disorder. Eczema indicates deeper internal problems that can't be neglected. It is active in all forms of different breeds and any aged dog can be drooping with the disorder which makes it more problematic. It advances into the body of a dog due to inconsistency and abnormal ability of the immune system. It is not at all deadly or epidemic.

There can be various reasons that may cause eczema in dogs. Starting from the feeding process, poor and cheap quality food products is one of the most common and ensuring act of causing the eczema. Another cause is their exposure to unhealthy environmental conditions. Pollution has a major role too. Pesticides and chemicals from homes, injects the eczema. Emotional issues such as anxiety, animosity, frustration, loneliness and so on, can endure eczema. Also, overdose of vaccination is hazardous.

There are certain ways to recognize eczema in dogs. The symptoms includes dry skin with rashes, redness in the skin, excessive itching or scratching, grazing and biting of skin and occurrence of small bumps. Besides this, obtaining blood traces in any form is also an eczema symptom. Loss of hair at different spots and foul and stinging skin smell are few of the more symptoms that can help the owner to identify this disorder in the dogs. This symptom varies around different breeds.

We have discussed some of the causes and symptoms of the eczema in the dogs. Treatment of eczema is possible at higher level of medical assistance. But we can also take some measures as an owner, to safeguard our dogs from eczema in order to prevent them from the disorder. Firstly, try to provide a good quality food and if branded food products are not possible, try to endure them with homemade nutritious feeding. Neem leaf is a best cure that one can provide in addition to evening primrose oil in their food. Also, in order to stop the itching in the dogs, owner can bath them with neem oil.

Certain natural substances such as garlic, root of burdock and licorice, red clover and cleavers can also be used to cure this disorder. Try to reduce the use of shampoo for dogs as much as one can. Try to prevent them from going to unpleasant area and as an owner, try to immune your dog from chemicals that are secreted from homes.

All this measures can ensure that the dogs would be safe and cured from the eczema skin disorder. But it is always advisable and recommended that if the owner finds any symptoms of eczema in his or her dog, then consult with a good veterinarian.

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