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Dog Dandruff Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Dandruff is basically accumulated dry skin and it is not only common in human but also in dogs. Dogs suffer from the problem of skin scaling and "walking dandruff", which is also called Cheyletiellosis. It is called "walking dandruff" because when you carefully examine the skin, it appears moving due to the presence of mites. Young dogs mostly suffer from the infections of dandruff as compared to old dogs, but dogs of all age suffer from the problem of mites. Mites live on the skin of the dog also known as the keratin, for almost thirty days, that is the life cycle of the mites. Mites may burrow its chelicerae or the head pincers, into the skin of the dogs to get nutrition from the inner tissues.

Causes of Cheyletiellosis

Basically, dandruff is a condition, in which, the old skin of the dogs is stripped away and it is not a big health problem, but if the dog is suffering from mites, it is a problem.

Cheyletiellosis can be caused by coming in direct contact with the infected animal or it may happen that the mites are transmitted through the environment because adult mites can stay alive for at least two to three days, without the support of a host.

Risks and Symptoms

Some dogs are born with dandruff skin order and it may take some time for the dogs to confirm, if the dandruff is just dandruff or the mites. Puppies are mostly affected by demodectic mange mites and sometimes, the mites multiply in thousands to cause hair falling and itching in the dog. Some common symptoms of dandruffs are:

1. Itching
2. Excessive scaling
3. Dandruff
4. Redness in skin and inflammation
5. Hair thinning
6. The mites and eggs of mites are found in faeces of the dogs.

Diagnosis of dandruffs and mites: The problem of dandruff is visible on closely watching the dogs. Sometimes, the dandruff represents a serious illness and the skin becomes sore. Certain tests can also indicate presence of dandruff such as

1. Skin scraping
2. Acetate tape preparation
3. Flea combings
4. Faecal tests

Treatment: Bathing the dogs at least twice a week and washing away the dandruff is best way to prevent dandruff but over-doing shampoos may increase dandruff as some shampoos make the skin dry. Moisturizers can be applied to prevent dry skin and dogs can also be bathed with cool water to prevent dandruff.

1. The dogs should be brushed regularly to prevent accumulation of dry skin.

2. Sometimes, skin allergies are responsible for dandruff and dietary supplement or prevention helps in reducing dandruff.

3. Sometimes, the dandruff is caused due to lack of fatty acids and some dietary supplements may prevent skin from drying.

4. The long hair should be clipped and weekly the hair should be dipped in sulphur. The process should be continued for six to eight weeks. The hair can also be dipped in pyrethrin for almost three to four weeks to remove the mites. Ivermectin can also be used orally or to prevent mites infection in dogs. Insecticides should be sprayed to reduce infections of mites to the environment.

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