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Diarrhea in Dogs Causes, Treatment, Remedies

One of the most common diseases in dogs is diarrhea. Diarrhea can be taken into control when it's mild but only through feeding a good diet. Medication becomes mandatory, when serious. Diarrhea mainly occurs due to different reasons. It can be serious, moderate or mild. Diarrhea accompanies vomiting etc.


The main and the foremost cause for diarrhea is unhealthy and improper diet. One should realise that human food should not be given to dogs. Dogs should follow a certain diet. One of the best and the safest way to prevent diarrhea is to feed them with commercial dog food. Many dog foods are available in the market which is good. The food with high nutritional element should be chosen and given for feeding but the dog's breed, age should be taken into consideration. An easy alternate to buying food is feeding them with home cooked foods like bland meat, fish or poultry. Mainly dogs need protein.

Adding flavours and seasonings may spoil the food instead salt, oil and vegetables should be preferred. Diarrhea is majorly caused due to parasites, bacteria and virus. Stray dogs always stay in trash and are likely to develop the disease due to unhygienic and unhealthy surroundings. Intensive care should be taken that they stay away from trash and harmful chemicals are kept distant. Proper care should be taken that they are not fed with stale food and water because certain fungi grow in a very short time which can cause diarrhea.


During diarrhea, the dog remains inactive and does not have its food. Diarrhea is the problem of digestive system, featured by dehydration and loose stools. Treatment should be given immediately in such cases. Dogs move their bowels more often when suffering from diarrhea than they normally do. Normally, their bowels are more soft and watery.

Mucus may be found in the stools. Mucus is a substance that forms in dog's intestine. Presence of mucus is a strong indication of diarrhea. Another symptom of diarrhea is excess vomiting. Generally dogs don't vomit. They normally vomit that food having low nutritional element. Fever may also be seen as a symptom of this disease. Diarrhea may get worse if it's ignored and could deteriorate health conditions. Intensive care in required.


Right information should be used in the treatment of diarrhea. Consulting a practitioner is the best way for the treatment. In case of acute diarrhea, minimal treatment is required. The natural home remedies can bring back the health of a dog. This first thing is to avoid giving human food and evaluate their reaction to the food fed to them.

Home remedies involve providing minerals including herbs, probiotics and glutamine to food they are fed with. Herbs like plantains and elms are very effective home remedies. Lots of water should be given to them with probiotic powder mixed. Feeding dogs with small amount of low fat food and regular intervals should be provided. Bland foods are the best option. Boiled rice and fruits like pumpkin will be of a great help. One should be sure that fresh and clean water should be provided to dogs.

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