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Constipation in Dogs Causes, Treatment, Remedies

Constipation in dogs may occur due to non-food substances. Dogs are always eager to eat a piece of the shoe or some kind of plastic that can obstruct their bowel. If the dog has eaten some small piece of any thing then it might pass within one day or can also take two days. And if the dog has taken in something large then it may be serious. In such a situation immediately the practitioner must be called for the solution.

One of the common causes of constipation is dehydration. Some points which are to be kept in mind are that we must notice the amount of water the dog intakes daily. A normal dog at least needs one ounce of water in a day. In a hot weather, if he is very active, his intake of water must be increased. Hernia is seen at the right side of the anus, which may also be the reason of constipation in dogs. This may be painful which can only be cured by a surgery. Bacterial infection is also one of the major reasons for constipation. In such a situation, constipation may occur after many days of diarrhea. In such a condition a dog often needs some antibiotic treatment.

Constipation is one of the irregularities in dogs. Therefore it is important to recognize the main symptoms of constipation so that immediate actions can be taken to cure it. Dogs should exercise on regular basis so that there does not exist any problem of constipation. They must be taken out for a walk for at least half an hour daily.

Intake of fiber and water in large amounts must be encouraged to prevent constipation especially in older age. Dogs do not want to a have a fiber diet but obviously some amount of fiber is already present in their meals. Many male dogs who are over 8 years of age, suffer from the enlarged prostate. While suffering from constipation, the problem of urinating, thin stool and painful secretion of feces develops.

Remedies to Dog's Constipation

1. Vegetable oil or olive oil: In the meal one tablespoon of olive or vegetable must be mixed on the routine basis to get rid of constipation.

2. Metamucil: A pinch of Metamucil is an effective remedy. Metamucil must be added to canned food only and when there is lot of water available. For adult dogs, the amount of Metamucil is two teaspoons whereas for smaller dogs is half teaspoons.

3. Bran: Adding bran to the diet is also considered to be a successful remedy. Adding bran in small amounts to daily diet of the dog can do a trick, but only if the dog is prone to constipation.

4. Milk: Most of the dogs are intolerant to lactose. A little amount of milk must be given in order to solve the problem of constipation. The owner must be very cautious that giving milk in large quantities may reverse the problem.

5. Pumpkin: Adding one or two teaspoons of canned pumpkin to the meal may help in improving the condition of constipation.

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