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Canine Parvovirus in Dogs Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Canine Parvovirus is a highly widespread, communicable disease in dogs. This disease was very common in the early years. The virus directly attacks rapidly reproducing cells. The virus is spread in large amounts in infected dogs. The virus transmission takes place by oral contact with infected feces. When the dog licks the fecal part of hair, feet or things that come in contact with the infected feces, he acquires the disease.

This disease affects the dogs of all ages, but generally catches to puppies. After five days from the day which virus is spread, the illness begins more dejection, diarrhea and vomiting. Fever may also be noticed in a dog. Puppies generally face a pain in their abdomen and dehydration develops rapidly.

The most efficient way to diagnose the disease is identifying the virus or its antigens. A test called ELISA is required for a fast diagnosis. The technique of virus isolation is more accurate.

Canine Parvovirus Treatment: Dogs that catch this disease need intensive veterinary management. In order to correct dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, hospitalization is mandatory. Fluids and medications are generally needed to have a control on vomiting and diarrhea. In the event of very serious cases, blood transfusions and intensive care is mandatory.

Canine Parvovirus Symptoms: The symptoms may range from none to all to lead to a very serious and fatal disease. The main factors governing the disease are the age, virus size, whether any antibody present, the breed. Antibodies are received by dogs from their mother in her first milk. This antibody gives the puppy good resistance to the disease. Puppies very rarely break through the disease unless they grow at least three months old. At this point of time the immunity system of the mother no longer saves them which may lead to death of the puppy. Older dogs by then are able to develop a resistance to the effects of the disease. They may only show very mild diarrhea and as the time moves by the owners go unnoticed. The most common form of the disease is a sudden inflammation of the small intestine. Many puppies die no sooner the diarrhea occurs. Those puppies who are able to survive a week generally recover. There are many other types of virus, germs and bacteria causing bloody diarrhea to dogs.

Dogs who recover themselves from the disease are immune for rest of their life. Many vaccines are available in the market. All the vaccines are safe to use and must used when the puppy is around three months old. If the vaccine fails, it indicates that it has been injected to the puppy before any antibody was gone in the blood. Antibody level testing is quite an expensive technique. It's better to give vaccines after a right time in consultation with a practitioner.

To conclude, Canine Parvovirus is still a major threat to dogs and the main cause for death in puppies. Just because of resistance of the virus to heat and antiseptics, it is very difficult to be safe from the disease. Fast veterinary care can save many infected dogs but still death can occur to some despite of a great care.

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