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Diet for Weight Reduction, Weight Loss, Obesity

The weight of your body is determined by your daily energy intake and daily energy expenditure. The body gains energy in terms of the food which you consume and spends it by routine activities which you do. When you try to lose the weight, some simple laws of body physics are applied which are same in every case, irrespective of the weight you are trying to lose. These laws are very important in all the cases either you are trying lose or gain weight.

The unit for measuring energy is calorie. The amount of calories taken in the body and that burnt out of the body measures the weight gain or loss by body. If you are consuming more energy than what is required by the body, you will gain weight. While in the other case if you are consuming less energy than what is required, you will lose weight. But this will happen slowly over a period of time and won't be an overnight change. So if you are gaining weight slowly than this is the sign of over consumption of energy and you will need to balance it to reduce your weight. Everyone has the command over his food consumption and hence the energy intake can be controlled by the person himself.

For the weight loss or reduction of your body weight, you will need to balance your daily intake of food. You will need to be surviving on a balanced diet. A healthy diet will get you in a good health form, while an unhealthy diet will bring you a diseased state. Ingredients in the diet should be so ideally balanced that they are appropriate in their prescribed quantity for the daily intake.

A healthy or balanced diet should be consisting of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, dairy products, poultry, fish and meat products. A balanced diet has five components namely - Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. All of these five components should be present in your diet for you to get a healthy and good body. The good sources of carbohydrates are fruits, juices, cereals and grains. Proteins majorly come from eggs, meat, and poultry items. The milk and dairy products are prime source of fat. Vitamins and minerals are achieved by body from vegetables. Other steps to lose weight are -

1. Avoid alcohol and its products.

2. Have lots of quality water in the day.

3. Have lots of fruits except bananas. You can have lots of melons which will be very effective to reduce weight.

4. Reduce fat consumption in your diet.

5. Avoid the fast foods as they have the high calorie fats.

6. Have lots and lots of raw and cooked vegetables.

7. Have the whole grain cereals, such as whole wheat, rye, millet, oat and bran.

8. Avoid having the fourth meal of the day and restrict yourself only to three.

9. Avid snacks between the meals.

10. Do not eat when you are sitting in front of the TV.

11. Have the meals at regular fixed schedule and do not skip any of them.

12. Do not eat anything when you are upset.

13. Avoid having the dinner after 7 pm in the evening.

14. Sleeping early and wake up early will help you reduce your flab.

15. And after all it's all dependent on you and your will power to cut that flab out.

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