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Corneal Ulcer Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Corneal ulcer is mainly caused by the deficiency of vitamin A. Children happen to be the most preferred victim of this disease and the complications can also result in chronic blindness. This ulcer is believed to be very common and can be prevented through extra precautionary measures.

Basically this happens at the point where light goes through your eye and if something is already damaged there then it will further contribute to it and will create an enormous pain. Corneal thickness plays a vital role in this regard. You are less likely to develop an ulcer if your cornea is thicker. Since the corneal thickness of eye of people living in South East Asia is less thick so they are the ones who most often indulge into corneal ulcer.

The most common symptoms are reddishness under the eye and when light strikes it, eye starts tearing due to extreme pain. This kind of disease is mostly found in developing countries with high poverty level, poor sanitation systems and unhygienic conditions.

There are lesser treatments and cures you would find in the market than preventions which most of practitioners would prescribe. Taking good care of your eye would never get you in this awful trouble. Some of the preventions home remedies are given below.

Contact lenses as often related with this infection in fact are not the actual reason, which we always perceive for this acute complication. The proper usage of contact lenses can lead us towards the better life. Instead of cleaning your contact lenses with inappropriate ways like saliva, tissue or piece of cloth, your hands should be properly washed so that no germ or bacteria leave behind to harm your eye.

Always develop the habit of taking off your contact lens while swimming or sleeping because of prolonged use of lenses might produce bacteria.

Do not ever go after the infomercials in which they show extraordinary charming models with different lenses, just consult you doctor before getting into dirty marketing gimmicks.

'Sharing is caring' a famous saying, but in this particular case, sharing of contact lenses would make your life pretty disturbing; therefore try to avoid it as much as possible.

Beaches seems to be so welcoming in summers but always wear sunglasses before exposed to the sun. Even if you ever feel the irritation under you eye get rid of you contact lenses before it is too late.

Sometimes dryness of your cornea triggers the pain so this is highly advisable to get artificial tears in your eyes to secure it.

Proper nourishment through food is very important. Daily intake of nutrients, protein rich diet such as white meat as fish being the rich source are highly recommended for prevention of corneal ulcer.

Good intake of fruits and items containing citric acid and vitamin C is also helpful in keeping you protected from corneal ulcer. Further the best among all is diet enriched with vitamin A; should be included as integral element of your daily diet plan.

Drinking at least eight liters of clean water every day and maintaining a high hygiene level is also recommended to avoid corneal ulcer complications.

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