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Complications of Obesity and Overweight

There can be several complications of obesity and overweight and few of them may not appear to be serious at the initial stage but surely will give rise to other serious complication in the later stage. Obesity is associated with diseases of bones, cardio-vascular system, psychological and serious diseases like cancer. Obese or overweight people are more prone to get cancer than others.

Very commonly evident complication of obesity and overweight is increased proximity of heart disease or stroke. The accumulation of fat in the blood vessel may even increase the chances of angina and occurrence of a lethal stroke without any prior symptoms. Another serious complication of obesity and overweight is the chances of developing type2 diabetes. People suffering from obesity are more prone to develop this type of diabetes which may later aggravate to cause kidney and heart diseases, chances of a stroke and blindness.

Several types of cancers are also associated with obesity and overweight, cancer of cervix, colon, breast, gall bladder, ovary and uterus surface more in obese people than others. Fatty liver disease generally associated with over drinking of alcohol may arise even in people who are overweight and may not be drinking alcohol at all. It can be a serious complication of obesity and overweight caused due to excess accumulation of fat in the liver and causing an injury or inflammation in the liver to lead severe liver damage or even cirrhosis.

Reproductive problems are also a complication of obesity and overweight. In females it may lead to irregular menstrual cycles, problem in holding and conceiving, delayed ovulation or even no ovulation, decrease in sexual desire and stamina. Even in obese males decrease in sperm count, lack of desire, erectile dysfunction and decrease in the quantity of semen has been noted.

Sleep apnea is very closely related with obesity. This problem stops breathing for a little time while sleeping and may lead to sleeplessness and heart failure. Osteoarthritis is another complication of obesity and overweight. An overweight person puts more pressure on his joints and causes an early wear and tear of cartilages. Gout, another type of arthritis is caused due to accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints and is more common in overweight people.

Hypertension is a cause for many ailments and is closely associated with obesity. Obese people tend to develop high blood pressure at a young age. Arrival of this problem may lead to diabetes and depression, if not treated properly, at a later stage. Problem in pregnancy has been noted as a common problem amongst obese females.

Stress incontinence or urine leakage is another complication of obesity and overweight, extra weight and fat reduces the blood flow in the pelvic region which makes the pelvic floor muscles weak. Hirsutism or presence of extra hair on the body or facial hair is also a complication of obesity and overweight. Overall in any complication the presence of obesity or overweight increases the chances of surgery, as body does not react to medication as readily as those of thin and people with lesser fat.

The good part of this is that little reduction in the fat and weight may reduce the chances of these complications greatly.

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