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Throat Infections, Sore throat, Tonsillitis in Children

Tonsils are the part of the glandular tissue, which is present on the back part of the throat. Tonsil is a mass of tissue and it protects the body against infections caused by antibodies. Tonsillitis can be caused either due to the infection of a bacteria or a virus. Sore throat is one of the symptoms of Tonsillitis.

Most of the throat infections are contagious and the child suffering from sore throat or tonsillitis should stay away from people. Sometimes, the child has sore throat caused by Infectious mononucleosis and if the infection is caused by viral infection, the child gets better in three to five days. In summer, the virus Coxsackie can cause fever and sore throat.

There are Many Types of Tonsillitis

1. Acute Tonsillitis is caused by the infections of virus or bacteria, and the symptoms of acute tonsitlities are sore throat, fever, bad breath and swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck.

2. Strep throat Tonsillitis is caused by bacteria streptococcus and it can cause damage to the kidney and heart. The symptoms include skin rashes, sinusitis, ear infections, and loss of appetite, fever and pneumonia. The disease is common in five to thirteen year old children and it is also found in adults.

3. Acute mononucleosis is caused by virus Epstein-Barr. Symptoms of the infection are: Enlargement of tonsils, enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck, tiredness and sore throat.

4. Chronic tonsillitis is caused by repeated infections to the throat and it may cause the formation of small pockets in the tonsil, which may have stones that smells like egg when crushed.

5. A condition also known as a peritonsiller abscess is caused in case pus forms behind the tonsil.

Common Symptoms of Tonsillitis

1. Vomiting
2. Sore throat
3. Fever
4. Abdominal pain
5. Swollen red color tonsils
6. Tonsillitis can cause bad breadth, adrenoid enlargement, ear infections and dental abnormalities.

Generally, mild tonsillitis clears away without causing any problem in some days but if the sore of tonsillitis grows it can get serious and infection may spread to other parts of the body. Some complications of tonsillitis are: Sore throats can also be caused by side effect of medicines such as carbimazole and one of the rare causes of tonsils is thrush infection.

Diagnosis: Sore throat or tonsillitis is diagnosed through throat culture. Rapid strep tests is done to diagnose Strep throat tonsillitis.

Treatment of Tonsillitis

1. Pain reliever is given to children suffering from cold and aspirin should not be given to kids below eighteen years because it can cause Reye's syndrome in children, which also been linked with brain damage or even death in four to twelve years old.

2. Sprays can be used to soothe the throat.

3. Nasal decongestants are used to clear nose.

4. Drugs and antibiotics are given to cure the problem and in extreme cases, when the bacterial growth reoccurs, the tonsil is surgically removed.

5. Viral tonsillitis is treated through supportive care. Antibiotics don't work in case of viral infections.

6. Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy is done in case of patients suffer from extreme complications of tonsillitis.


1. Take plenty of rest
2. Drink a lot of fluid
3. Eat soothing food

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