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German Measles (Rubella) in Children

It is primarily a mild disease among children and is also known as Rubella. You may also refer to this as German measles or 3-day measles. It mainly affects the skin and lymph nodes and Rubella virus is a reason behind this illness. Though considered as a mild disease, this could be severe one in case of a pregnant woman, where she could pass this virus to the unborn through her bloodstream, which could result in congenital rubella syndrome in the unborn baby. This is a dangerous situation for the unborn; these babies are at risk for growth retardation; mental retardation; malformations of the heart and eyes; deafness; and liver, spleen, and bone marrow problems.

There is a vaccine available, since 1967. The recent studies shows that adults are more getting affected by Rubella, which wasn't case before the vaccine was available. As a result, these adults could someday pass this disease to their children.

It may begin with mild fever (99-100 degree F/37.2-37.8 degree C), followed by swollen, tender lymph nodes. Rash may start showing up in the next step, which is often the first visible symptom. These rashes may spread all your body. Having said that, it should be noted that sometimes a case where no symptoms at all can also occur. That means, that person can still spread the virus without showing any outer display.

This virus is highly contagious during the period between one week prior and one week after the rashes have come out. In case of infants with congenital rubella syndrome, the virus could be transmitted for a period of one year or longer, through their urine or the fluid from nose and throat.

Now regarding the vaccines, the first should be given during the age of 12-15 months, and the second does during 4-6 years. However there are exceptions regarding this; consult your doctor to find out about this.

As discussed earlier the severe effects can fall on pregnant woman mostly, causing a defective birth. However, vaccine is not allowed for pregnant woman, and they have to have the vaccine before they get pregnant. They must go through a checkup before they get pregnant. It is advised that she must get the vaccine one month prior to her pregnancy.

Now if we look at the duration of Rubella, it can stay there for 3 weeks, as the average incubation period is 16-18 days. Nonetheless, children may recover fast within one week time, adults may take more time.

Antibiotics won't work on Rubella, as it is a viral infection, and it will get resolve on its own unless there is a complication. Special care is needed in case of pregnant women, they should be immediately sent to the doctor. In case of kids, home care would be more than enough, but be alert in case the temperature rises beyond the normal fever range, that means call the doctor when the fever of 102° F (38.9° C) or above occurs. Also, in case of infants, mark that 100.4° F, or 38° C is the danger zone.

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