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Common Childhood Illnesses and Treatment

Chicken pox: Some childhood illnesses provide immunity against many diseases to the infants for the whole life. One such disease is chicken pox. The disease causes fever to child and it spreads when the child comes in contact with the infected person or if the child touches the fluid in the blisters of chicken pox. The kid can be given antiviral medicine for the treatment of chicken pox. The incubation period of chickenpox goes from ten to twenty days, and if the child suffers from the first spot, she or he should be excluded from the school.

Three day fever: The disease is also called roseola infantum, where the child suffers from high fever and pink rashes for almost three days. Fever medicines can be given to control temperatures and fluids should be given to prevent dehydration.

Hand, foot and mouth disease: The disease causes blisters on the skin and child may suffer from fever and mouth ulcers, for some days. The child should be given fluids and the child may return to school, when the blisters are gone.

Scarlet fever: It causes fever and sore throat in children, and rashes can be found in armpits. The disease is infectious for the first few days and the antibiotics can be given for treatment.

Whooping Cough: Long term coughing and vomiting are symptoms of whooping cough and to prevent vomiting, the child should be given small quantities of food in one time. The child should not be allowed to go to school, if he or she is suffering from whooping cough.

Asthma: Children may suffer from allergies caused by certain food products or chemicals. Allergies may causes sneezing and swelling in eyes, and sometimes it is linked to the emotional or stress factor. Anti-allergy drugs are used to control an allergic reaction and the child should not be given the allergy causing food item or chemical.

Diarrhoea: Toddlers and infants may suffer from diarrhoea due to infections in the gastro intestinal tract. Diarrhoea can also be caused by allergies. The children should be given electrolade and fluids to prevent dehydration.

Ear infection: Ear infection is common in small children and sometimes, it is caused by common cold. Antibiotics are given to treat ear infections. Sometimes, nasal decongestants are used to allow the child to breathe.

Common cold: Cold is normal problem in children and it is caused by viral infections. The nasal path should be cleaned regularly to prevent accumulation of nasal secretions.

Fifth Disease: The child suffers from red specks on the cheeks, arms, thigh, nose and buttock, and the condition improves itself after some days. The disease is common in kids of age four to twelve years old. Pregnant women should stay away from kids having fifth disease also called erythema infectiosum, as it may cause miscarriage.

Threadworm: Threadworm infection is caused by taking contaminated food items or water, and children can be given anti-parasite medicines in case of infection.

Eczema: Eczema can be found in children of 2-4 months. The child has infections on neck, knees and elbows. If somebody in the family suffers from allergies, it can be found in the kids and the child should be kept away from allergy causing substances such as puffy toys and perfume.

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