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Our quality is certified from International QC/QA Organizations:

1. CTFA - USA.
2. JFRL- Japan
3. SGS -Thailand
5. Overseas Merchandise Inspection


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have assembled here some of the questions most commonly asked by our customers.

1. What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria Mirifica (also known as White Kwao Kreu) is a Thai plant that belongs to the leguminosae subfamily papilionoideae. The plants are most commonly found in forests at an altitude of 300-800 meters above sea level, primarily in the north, west and northeast of Thailand. They tend to grow among moderate sized trees such as bamboo and timber wood in deciduous rain forests.

The tuberous root of Pueraria Mirifica is a rich source of phytoestrogens. The concentration of phytoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica is much higher than other plant sources such as soy or alfalfa. The shape and size of the tuberous root depends upon the environment in which the plant has grown.

2. What is the difference between estrogen and phytoestrogens?

Estrogen is a female hormone found in humans and some animals. This hormone is naturally produced by the female body and supports "estrogenic effects" to female-specific organs such as the breasts, uterus, and ovaries. Phytoestrogens are also naturally produced but come from plants, particularly legumes, and not from the human body. Pueraria Mirifica plants contain high phytoestrogens levels and therefore can be used to substitute estrogen without the adverse side effects commonly contributed to estrogen supplements.

3. What is the effectiveness of Pueraria Mirifica products?

The Pueraria Mirifica product can be ingested through a capsule. Also, due to a large group of volunteers who tested cosmetic products containing the herb, developers were able to show a positive approval of approximately 90%.

4. Is there any difference between cream and capsule type? Which is better?

The type of product used depends on your reason for using the product. Capsules are food supplements that provide a systemic response throughout the body. They can provide sustenance for overall body health including better skin and hair conditions, improved bone condition. Also, taken at a higher dose the supplement can assist with breast enlargement. However, a large dose can also have adverse effects on menstruation, in some cases delaying or stopping the menstrual cycle.

Creams are used for breast enhancement only. They can provide rapid response in enhancement and due to the topical application to bosoms only; there is no effect on the rest of the body.

5. If the cream is applied to the nipple, will the nipple turn black?

Due to whitening effect in St Herb cream you may experience a fading in the natural color of your nipples. The overall color of the nipple will not change and will not turn black.

6. Is it good using breast cream and taking the Pueraria Mirifica capsule without serum?

The St Herb serum, when combined with the cream and capsule can significantly increase the speed at which you will see results. But note that alone the breast cream and capsule is more than enough for breast enlargement. The visible results will not be evident as quickly as if the serum was used as well but the overall cost will be much less.

7. Is the spray as effective as the cream?

Because of a higher concentration of the hormones, the spray is more effective than the cream and works at a faster rate. To be used only once a day, preferably in the morning, it is also more convenient. You need only spray it on and let it dry before dressing for the day. The use of a breast mask with the spray is recommended because the mask is used at night and will help to affect the body throughout the entire day.

8. After two months on the pills, will there be any more development in the third and fourth month of the pill supply?

Many women reach the peak benefits of the pills around the third or fourth month; therefore some development will be noticeable. During the third and fourth months you will reach your peak of development and can discontinue use of the capsules after the fifth month. The fifth and sixth month of the pill supply is to assist with maintaining any development. However, due to older age and other factors, bust size and firmness may decrease over time. If this occurs you may start a new course of pills.

9. After the sixth month, do I still need to take the pills or use the cream/serum to maintain the development?

Due to the effects of aging on skin and tissue firmness a constant treatment as you get older will be a good step to help maintain the effects of the program. Regardless of age you may wish to continue using the cream 1-3 times weekly for longer lasting effects. There is no harm to be done to the busts by applying the cream/serum on a regular basis.

10. What is the most economical way to maintain the beauty of the bosoms?

Despite the fact the most development will peak in the third and fourth months, you will have to continue the capsules for the full 6 months. It is also recommended that you continue use of the cream throughout the 6 months and after.

11. If I am post-menopausal, what will happen if I take Pueraria Mirifica Capsules?

There are recommended dosages for women depending on their stage in life. The first dose, which is the highest, entails taking a total of 4 capsules a day - 2 in the morning and 2 at bedtime. The higher dosage is proven more effective in breast enlargement for pre-menopausal women. The second type of dose is much lower and recommended for post-menopausal. These lower dosages require a total of 2 capsules a day - 1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime. This dosage will help to provide hormonal balance.

Unlike pre-menopausal women, you can take the whole round of pills for one month rather than taking the pills for 15 days and then after another 15 days resuming the regimen. Be aware that if you are taking the capsules for the full month your period may return. This is a normal occurrence for post-menopausal women and you should not be worried.

Your body will begin to feel young again due to the hormones in the capsules. Your body's circulation will improve. You will also observe a lowering of cholesterol. Our capsules contain calcium from plants known as phyto-calcium and will help to strengthen your bones. Your skin and hair will also show improvement, becoming smoother and healthier looking.

Keep in mind, however, that the effects for post-menopausal women require more time. Your hormones are not like a young woman's and the results will require more patience.

12. How long does one cream, serum or spray last?

Our breast cream, serum and spray all last for around one month. With the breast mask, if used in a thick layer, it will last less time than the other products.

13. What is the best way to take Pueraria Mirifica capsules?

The Pueraria Mirifica capsules must be used for 15 days with the first dose being taken on the first day of your menstrual period. After you have taken them for the full 15 days you must take off 15 days without the pills, before beginning the second round. It is recommended that the capsules be taken for a full 6-month period to optimize and maintain new bust size. The dosage varies depending on whether you are post- or pre-menopausal. Pre-menopausal women should take 4 capsules a day while post-menopausal women should take half this dosage. It is neither necessary nor recommended that you take more than the applicable dosage.

Breast serum, spray, mask and cream are recommended to aid in enhancement and to assist in maintaining the results. While the pills may be used alone, they are more effective when combined with one of the external products. The effectiveness of these products varies: serum takes about 2 weeks to show results, cream approximately 1-3 months and the spray and mask usually take around 3 weeks.

14. How many mg of Pueraria Mirifica are in each capsule?

Each capsule contains 200 mg of Pueraria Mirifica powder.

15. If I take Pueraria Mirifica capsules do I need to stop taking my birth control pills?

Due to the hormones present in both birth control pills and pueraria capsules, it is recommended that you not take birth control while using the pueraria pills. Birth control pills may interfere with the breast capsules due to the chemical nature of the estrogen in the pills. Even though both are technically female hormones, birth control pills can chemically obstruct the effects of pueraria.

16. What happens if I stop using all the products after 6 months?

After 6 months, if you have achieved the size and firmness you desire, you may discontinue use of all products. However, after several months your busts will begin to lose firmness though they will retain size. To avoid the general effects of an aging body such as sagging and loss of firmness we recommend you continue to use one of our external products such as the St Herb cream.

17. What makes St Herb better than other natural supplements?

High concentration of phytoestrogens is necessary for breast growth. You already know that Pueraria Mirifica has the highest concentration of estrogens as compared to soy, alfalfa and other plant sources. But you should be equally concerned how and where the herbs are sourced.

There are thirteen different varieties of Pueraria Mirifica. All of them do not have the same concentration of breast enhancing compounds. We use a specially cultivated variety of Pueraria Mirifica, which has the highest concentration of these compounds.

18. Is St Herb products safe to use?

St Herb contains all-natural herbal ingredients such as Pueraria Mirifica root, which has been traditionally used for centuries to uplift and enhance bosoms and to maintain healthy hormonal balance in women.

St Herb products contain pure, premium grade Pueraria Mirifica with high isoflavone content. Isoflavones are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The phytoestrogens present in St Herb alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve skin tone which means firmer-looking and uplifted bosoms without side effects.

19. What changes can I expect after taking St Herb products?

St Herb products enhance busts by creating structural changes which promote natural enlargement with fullness and firmness. Some of the changes caused within months of taking St Herb are -

- Promote branching of milk ducts in the busts. These ducts end in clusters of lobules which accentuate busts fullness.

- Development of mammary tissues.

- Increase in fatty tissues and ligaments which help to shape the busts by increasing firmness.

- Maintain collagen, which prevents loss of skin tone.

- Promote youthful suppleness of skin, leading to uplifted and shapely bosoms.

- Ease cravings by supporting emotional well being and hormonal balance.

20. Is St Herb approved by the FDA?

Plant-based herbal products and supplements do not require FDA approval for sale within the USA.

We assure you about the safety and effectiveness of St Herb, as we only use the purest and freshest organic produce in our manufacturing process. St Herb is produced by a GMP-certified manufacturer, who will adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure maximum purity, potency and safety of the product. We closely monitor the sourcing, extraction, standardization and formulation of the herbs to create a high-quality product that lives up to its promise.

21. What is the recommended dosage to achieve breast development?

Breast growth is the result of structural changes in the busts, such as branching of milk ducts and mammary tissue development. These changes take time and patience.

While some results will become noticeable within 1-4 months, we recommend a 6 month program for best long-term results. It is important to maintain optimum estrogen levels for faster breast development, so order at least 6 bottles to start.

Take 4 caplets per day for 15 days during the breast development stage. Do not stop abruptly even if you have achieved your desired bust size. The maintenance dosage (2 capsules per day for 15 days) will help you maintain the result over the long-term.

22. I have attained Menopause. How many capsules do I need?

You can take St Herb to supplement the depleted production of estrogen in your body. If your aim is to simply maintain healthy estrogen levels, you can take the normal dosage of 2 capsules per day, for 30 days per month.

If you want to enhance and uplift sagging busts, you can safely take 4 capsules per day, for 15 days per month. Your period may return after taking St Herb for an entire month. You may also notice the secondary benefits of taking these pills such as shiny hair, supple skin, lower cholesterol levels and improved bone density.

23. Will St Herb affect my menstrual cycle?

Most women see no difference in their menstrual cycle. In rare cases you may get spotting, early or delayed periods. It is very safe and normal. As you body gets adjusted to the new estrogen levels your cycle will regularize.

Menopausal women will notice several beneficial effects such as shiny hair, smooth skin and resilient nails. Pueraria Mirifica pills may also alleviate PMS and menstrual cramps. Many women who have attained menopause may get their period again, after prolonged use of St Herb.

24. Can I use your product if I had a hysterectomy?

YES! Please follow the recommended dosage for menopausal women (no periods).

25. Who should not take St Herb?

St Herb products should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women who have cancer of the breast, ovaries or uterus should avoid any source of supplemental estrogen, as these tumors are sensitive to estrogen. Do not take St Herb products with birth control pills.

26. How to use breast cream or serum?

Wash your hands thoroughly and get ready to massage your bosoms with rich cream or serum. Take cream or serum on your first finger and apply it thoroughly to your busts. You can then use your palm to massage every corner of the bosoms.

If you have assistant, it is easier and you can have more effective way to apply the serum or cream. To learn an appropriate way to massage the busts, check out the steps of breast massage.

27. What if I don't see any increase in my breast size?

There is no certainty for anything when it is all about the human body. It is, though rare, possible that you may not get desired results even after using natural enhancing products for quite a long time. This indicates that your busts require further assistance and not just natural therapies. The herbal extracts present in natural breast products have their own limitations that generally work on a normal human body.

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