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Which is Better Breast Serum or Nano Breast Serum?

Breast serums can be used for gathering the connective tissues of the busts to make it firmer. It is used to reduce the sagginess and to tone up the bust line. The herbal serums help in lifting the tissues naturally and it also helps in redefining the cleavage. (Cleavage is the upper cleft of the busts, which can be seen in the costumes that have a large neckline and it makes you appear attractive, if you have firm busts and fine skin texture).

The main cuase of declining cleavage and sagines is age and to reduce the effect of age one requires a product having anti-aging features. The serums of the best herbal products contain Thai herb called White Kwao Krua, which possesses the anti-aging features and it can improve the shape of your busts by rejuvenating the dying stretched tissues.

The effect of phyto-estrogen: Estrogen is the female hormone, which is responsible for the growth and nourishment of reproductive organs in women. As women ages, the amount of hormone released in the body reduces, which can cause sagginess and women needs estrogen supplements to prevent the effect of aging. Phyto-estrogen is plant based estrogen that strengthens the estrogen receptor areas of the busts and it helps in stimulating the cells.

What is the need to stimulate the estrogen receptor cells? The estrogen receptor sites get blocked or clogged when it comes in contact with the harmful substance of the environment such as toxins, chemical substances, radiations a, sun light and pollutants. As the sites are clocked the female ovaries reduce the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Insufficient production of hormones can cause sagginess.

Features of Nano Breast Serum

Stherb Nano Serum1. The herbal Nano creams contains nanosomes, which can penetrate deep into the skin and form new mammary tissue. The creams helps in lengthening and branching of the milk ducts found in the busts and it increases the number of milk ducts and fatty tissues to provide the firm shape.

2. Nano serums contain ingredients, which can revitalize the busts tissues and strengthen the dermal matrix by improving the moisture content of the tissues.

3. The ingredients of the nano based serum are Pueraria Mirifica extract, Lavender Oil and ProVitamin B5.

4. Nano serum is eco friendly, alcohol friendly and also skin friendly like other herbal busts creams. It is plant based products, hence there is no side effect and it is safe to be used.

5. It does not contain volatile organic component that can damage the skin.

Advantages of Nano Breast Serum over Breast Serums

1. The serum works as anti-oxidant against the damages caused by the environment and toxins, unlike the breast serums which cannot penetrate deep into the tissues. It works at the cellular level to provide beautiful busts.

2. The technology can produce fast results and the buyers, who wish to get results in least time, can get St Herb Nano Breast Serum.

3. Nano particles are featured to provide a long lasting effect as compared to other busts enlargement products.

Stherb Nano Serum 40 ml. $120 - 1
Stherb Nano Serum 40 ml. $240 - 2
Stherb Nano Serum 40 ml. $335 $25 3

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