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Are Breast Implants Safe?

Breast implants requires a cosmetic surgery in which, the busts are restructured and designed in a new shape. FDA approved breast implants made up of silicone gel in 2006, for women of the age twenty-two years or above, but there are many risks of implants. The surgery involves complex method in which, a foreign object is stitched to the body to increase the size and the risk of surgery is same as other surgeries.

Complications of breasts implants

Infections: Sometimes, the surgery takes a long time to heal and the implants get infected.
Implants resulting in bottoming out: If the implant is designed too low, the nipples are stretched and the condition is called bottoming out. It can have other medical problems.

Capsular contraction can distort the implant: The body forms a capsule around the foreign object before accepting it and it can result in distortion in implants. The process is mostly seen months after the surgery. Sometimes, women go for replacement of implants to get their implants replaced but it has also not been found very successful.

Rupture: One of the major complications of breast implants is rupture, which can happen when the implants breaks or leaks and it needs to be removed. The ruptured implants may require immediate attention as the silicone of the implants comes out and the gel found inside the spreads outside. There are health risks of rupture such as pain and it may require surgery for treatment.

Symmastia: The two sides may appear too close and the patient may have to provide extra support to the bust-line to reduce the complications.

Asymmetry after surgery: Sometimes, implants may cause asymmetry in the two sides and sometimes, the nipples are of different size or shapes.

Skin loses elasticity: After breast transplantation, the woman may suffer from wrinkling of skin as the skin loses flexibility.

Implants interfering with the diagnosis of cancer: The implants can hinder the detection of breast cancer as it interferes in mammogram screening and the cancer tests will be less accurate.

Problems with breastfeeding and insurance claims: There are other risks associated with transplant surgery such as women who are in reproductive age may not be able to provide lactation to their kids. There are also problems of insurance coverage in implants.

Sometimes, the body may accept the foreign body and sometimes, it may reject it which can make you ill. The surgery itself is painful procedure and many implants do not last for long. Some women loose it in a week and some may have it for many years.

Advantages of the breast transplant: Women who have very small busts find the surgery beneficial as it helps in improving the overall look and boosting self confidence. Many media and film personalities go for implants to bring a complete change in their looks.

For the surgery you will have to meet a specialized doctor and the doctor may take photographs of your busts before and after the surgery to keep it in records.

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