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Roundworm Infection Symptoms, Treatment

If you could only see the actual picture how roundworms in intestine of a human look like, you won't be able to digest food for next two days. Roundworms are parasitic creature, which cause the roundworm infection.

The roundworms are visible to naked eye and have long white worm like look. The length of roundworms starts from 6 inches and goes up to 14 inches. Their wideness can be matched with size of pencil.

Think of worms of that size in your intestine. Roundworms also known as Nematodes nourishes in warm climates and temperate areas. Worms are found in soil and can enter your body either through mouth or skin. You get a roundworm infection due to unhygienic conditions. Touching food or drinking water through contaminated hands creates easy way for round worms to enter your body.


Usually what happens is that eggs of round worms are the one that enter your body. They hatch and their larvae nourishes inside human stomach and intestines. Through walls of intestines they enter into lungs and create infections. Due parasitic nature their favorite residing place in human body is stomach obviously where they can feed themselves.
The common symptoms of roundworm infection are abdominal pain, fever, gas trouble, diarrhea and vomiting. Another very common symptom is that you can actually see larvae or fully grown in your feces.

The most common infections created by roundworm are Ascariasis and Trichinosis. Ascariasis is the infection in which nematodes actually reside in lungs and creating symptoms of cough, larvae of roundworms appearing in coughs and sputum. Other symptoms include mild fever, breathing problems, severe abdomen pain, vomiting and in severe conditions appearing of worms in vomit.

On the other hand, Trichinosis has two stages, with respect to severity of the infection. The symptoms for first stage nausea, heart burn, headache, fever, diarrhea, etc.

The later stage, which could result in serious brain hemorrhage or even death in some cases, has the similar symptoms. This stage of Trichinosis is often referred as parenteral meaning outside the intestines, in which roundworms actually enter into other body organs like brain.

Treatment and Prevention

The best prevention for roundworm infection is to keep a high level of personal hygiene. The only way the nematodes nourish is in unhygienic environment. Their eggs hatch in human and animal feces. So best way prevent any type of roundworm disease is to keep yourself and your environment clean.

Always wash fruits and other food items before eating. Drinking lot of water also keeps your body clean from different toxins. Food items like cloves and garlic also have tendency for removing parasitic organisms from your body.

Other famous remedies for killing intestinal parasites include eating 4 to 5 tomatoes every morning or making pineapple an integral part of your breakfast.

Again then there are medications for roundworm infections, which get rid of roundworms by blocking and paralyzing them from feeding. Once they don't get food from the body they automatically get out of the body along with feces.

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