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Intestinal Worms and Parasites Infection in Humans

Intestinal worms and parasites are two of the most common things that affect everyone at least once in a lifetime. These are especially common among children. However, in cases where one is negligent towards them, the parasites keep on dwelling inside the intestine of the person, without him or her knowing that he or she is the host. They eat the food that you relish on your dining tables, and are completely dependent on you, in the process making you ill and unwell for an entire lifetime!

One of the common questions asked by people is that what exactly are these worms and how does one catch them? Well, the answer to that is simple enough. These are nothing but germs that we can catch via polluted air, transmission of germs from someone else to us, via contaminated food, water etc. These germs dwell inside our body and are parasites that are dependent on us. They are more or less like another organism dependent on us by birth, which we are feeding.

The most common parasite that lives inside the walls of our intestine and feeds on our blood is the hookworm. They have a high appetite for our blood, and in the process end up making the patient anaemic due to iron deficiency in the blood. More than 800 million people all over the world are affected by this worm on an average. Roundworm, again a nematode like the Hookworm has a tendency of blocking the intestinal tract of a person and also causes problems in the pancreas. Common symptoms of roundworm in a person's body include asthma, pain in the eyes, insomnia and rashes along with severe abdominal discomfort.

Pinworm is very common among children and affects one out of five kids on an average. Symptoms include problems in digestion, nervousness, irritation in the vaginal or anal area, insomnia etc. Another kind of parasite that arises due to digestion of eggs is whipworm. Eggs that are found in foods like beans and rice cause this problem that affects the large intestine. It leads to bloody stools and pain the lower abdomen along with anaemia, weight loss and nausea.

There are other kinds of parasites too, which include the tapeworm, beef tapeworm, pork tapeworm etc. These, unlike the hookworm feed on our digested foods rather than our blood.

There are various kinds of treatments that one can take for intestinal worms and parasites ranging from herbal treatments to things that can be added to one's diet as supplements. Simple preventive measures such as washing hands before and after eating and cooking, following clean and hygienic cooking methods, keeping home and work environments clean, washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption, and cleaning of kitchen counters can help us stop the spread of these worms.

Many people do not realise this, but the reason why they have a problem in reducing weight and getting rid of their fat is because of worms in their body. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a clean and hygienic lifestyle in order to prevent worms.

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