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Common Large Intestine Diseases and Problems

Large intestine can be regarded as the water tank of human body. How much do you value your water resource? And how would you feel if you find out that some infection or fungus lurks in your body water tank.

Large intestine is the resource from the most basic necessity of water is fulfilled and passed to every organ and tissue of your body.

The most common diseases of large intestine are diverticulitis and trichuriasis.


Diverticulitis is one of the most common large intestine infection in which different pouches are formed within intestine resulting in inflamed boundary walls and narrow passage of large intestine.

The main symptom of diverticulitis is abdominal pain whereas in lateral stages the patient could also experience diarrhea, constipation, fever, nausea and excessive vomiting. Diverticulitis is also reported to cause elimination of white blood cells from the blood in some cases.

Deficiency of fiber in diet and feces particles blocking path of large intestine are associated as the major causes of this disease. Diverticulitis mainly effect middle aged or older people and can raise the complications of bowel obstruction, bleeding and strictures.

Though antibiotics are prescribed by doctors for the patients of diverticulitis but start of low fiber diet is the best preference of every practitioner. The disease is caused by deficiency of fiber, still at initial stages of treatment low fiber diet prevents intestine form overworking and helps in swift recovery of the patient.

The fruit of Amomum Kravanh is an herb which facilitates gastric secretions. Sparganium stoloniferum is very well known for having its tendency to enhance intestinal contractions. These natural herbs are effective in treatment of diverticulitis.


Trichuriasis is an infection which is caused by parasitic organism known as whipworm causing extreme complications of diarrhea, dehydration and anemia.

Trichuriasis victims are mostly children and are caused through touching soil as whipworm nourishes in soil. Other than soil being the carrier of these parasites, contaminated vegetables and fruits are also the possible means of ingestions of these parasites. Whipworms and there infection is very common all over the world. They usually nourishes in warm and humid climates. A significant ratio of whipworm infection is observed in developing countries rather than developed ones.

The common symptoms include bloody diarrhea, acute type of anemia and incontrollable stool passage. Maintaining a high personal hygiene level prevents any kind of whipworm infection. Cleanliness should be the first priority. Washing hands and food prevent its complications.

It is highly recommended to keep the high level of hygiene and cleanliness in sanitary system of your household. Playing in sand should be avoided for children and nails of the children should also be kept short.

Food items like garlic, cloves and papaya have the natural tendency to fight any kind of parasites and also facilitate internal immune system to cure the infection.

High fluid intake is also very effective in trichuriasis. Fluids such as coffee and green tea also tends to have a good efficacy in fighting large intestine infections.

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