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Diarrhea Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Diarrhea is regarded as the main reason of death among children up to age of 5 years in developing countries. Diarrhea causes consistent passage of liquid bowel movement and feces from the body resulting in extreme deficiency of salt and liquid.

The disease is so common that it is estimated that everyone experience it at least once or twice in his or her lifetime. Diarrhea is further classified into number of types with respect to its causes and symptoms such as

Secretory Diarrhea (where main cause in an active secretion)

Osmotic Diarrhea (where massive water is drawn into bowels due to mal-digestion)

Exudative Diarrhea (having symptom of blood or pus in feces)

Motility Related Diarrhea (in which food moves very rapidly in intestines)

Inflammatory Diarrhea (in which mucosal boundary of intestine sustain substantial damage, which results into loss of body protein fluids)

The main symptoms of diarrhea are abdominal pain and cramps, consistent and watery uncontrollable feces, fever, having blood in feces, nausea, vomiting and swelling.

As diarrhea is more common in infants, one of the symptoms is babies creating no wet diaper consistently two to three hours, bloody or black feces, high temperature fever, dry mouth and crying without having any tears.

Bacteria, viruses and different parasites are considered as the main cause of diarrhea. Usually contaminated water serves as the means of getting into your body for these parasitic organisms, bacteria or viruses.

In most cases dose of pharmaceutical medications like antibiotics can also cause serious diarrhea. Artificial sweeteners, lactose and fructose can also cause diarrhea. Lactose is mostly found in milk, fructose is found in fruits, whereas, chewing gums comes with artificial sweeteners. Again children are main sufferers of these causes for diarrhea.


Some practitioners do go for antibiotics for the treatment but it's highly not recommended. The respective medication could result in a fatality as antibiotics itself is one of the major causes of diarrhea.

The most common medication practiced in the world is oral rehydration salts ORS, which is known to be cheapest medication available saving millions of children worldwide.

As it's a condition where body experiences huge deficiency of water and salt the best remedy is to keep taking fluids containing salt and minerals like potassium and sodium. Drinking plenty of fluids in diarrhea is like following a bible.

Water with rehydration salts and juices are the best proven home remedies for diarrhea. Still you have to be careful in choosing fluids because fluids like alcohol, caffeine and juices of apple and pear can make worst diarrhea conditions.

It is also suggested to slowly add low fiber food in your diet along with intake fluids. Eggs, chicken, rice and toast are a good example of low fiber diet. Whereas fatty foods and diary products are to be avoided at all costs.

Using pasteurized dairy products and bottled mineral water is highly recommended for prevention from diarrhea. Bacteria multiply and nourishes in food item under normal temperature, always prefer to eat well cooked meals. Food either should be refrigerated or very well cooked before it is consumed. Passing food through extreme temperature levels eliminates all the bacteria in it.

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