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Constipation Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

'Constipation' we all are very familiar with the word. Everyone has experienced and probably everyone also knows the some remedies and medications for it.

It is the most common gastrointestinal condition in, which the patient experience bowel movements and difficulty in passing its stool. The feces seem to be very hard and dry. These feces if stuck in intestines for long time could also become a cause for Hemorrhoids.

Still constipation is very temporary in nature and activities in daily life like exercise and high fiber diet reduces its chances. What actually causes constipation; is more like common sense than having some technical medical explanation associated with it.

The colons in your intestine need a mixture of water and salt to move stool through different muscle contractions of intestine. The water and salt in colon of intestine makes stool soft so that it easily passes through intestine. Since the stool is hard obviously the colons of intestine are not being able to provide the required amount of water and salt.

Now number of reasons could be the cause of this dysfunction, like

Deficiency of fluid in body or dehydration
Lack of fiber in your daily food intake
No physical activity or exercise
Thyroid disease
Hormonal disturbances
Loss of body salts due to vomiting
In very rare case; injury of nerve in spinal cord which deals with intestine and digestion

Well you'll always know that if it is constipation that you are facing, still main symptoms are to be followed to assure that it is constipation and when visiting a doctor is mandatory.
You are having an intestinal complication of constipation if you are only being able to pass less then three feces in the whole week, your stool are very hard and dry, you sense extreme bowel movement and rectal blockage, you use some kind of manual tactic for your bowel movement like finger at your anal area.

Severe abdominal or rectal pain, blood in your stool, stool in shape of thin pencils and weight losses are related as the symptoms of extreme case of constipation.

Treatment and Prevention

Home based remedies are always the first preference for the treatment of constipation. Substantial intake of fluid like water and juices are taken as the first remedy to start with.
No matter if you even go to a doctor for a medication still he would prescribe adequate fluid intake and high fiber diet. Diets like beans, vegetables, whole grains and fruits have the tendency to make smooth running of your digestive system instead of low fiber diets like meat or cheese, which every doctor would ask you stay away from in this condition.

Now, there are pharmaceutical medications too but they should never be a preferred choice while in treatment of constipation. Laxatives such as stimulants, lubricants, stool softeners, fiber supplements and saline laxatives does give easy and immediate results but are mostly used and should be considered in very extreme and chronic stage of constipation.

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